Your Recurly Account

Your Recurly Account is where you manage your subscription to the Recurly service. From here you can view invoices, update your billing information or company address, or change your plan.

Recurly Subscription

When you’re ready to go live and start processing transactions from your customers, you’ll just need to sign up for a Recurly subscription. Recurly’s pricing is outlined at


Recurly collects taxes in four U.S. states:

If you are located in one of these four states, you will likely see taxes applied to your Recurly invoices.

Company Address

Recurly taxes based on your physical location, which we call your Company Address. You can edit your Company Address on the Recurly Account page below your Billing Information.

Colorado Merchants

Your invoice will show the full Colorado tax rate, but your tax amount will be lower and reflect the Boulder or Denver rate. If you would like to know the tax rate applied to the line item on your invoice, divide the line item tax amount by the line item subtotal amount.

Tax Exempt Merchants

If your business is tax exempt, please contact Recurly support at so we can update your account status. You will need to provide us with your exemption certificate for our files.

Billing Questions

If you have any questions about your Recurly account, please contact Recurly support at We’re happy to help!

Close Your Account

If you’ve decided to leave the Recurly service, you can choose the Close Account button on your Recurly account page. This will immediately terminate your Recurly account and stop billing and communication to all subscribers. We hate to see our customers go, so please feel free to give us feedback if you decide to leave!