Multiple gateway configuration

Gateway Support

As a merchant, you can configure many combinations of gateways to meet your business needs. Most commonly, this involves choosing a mix of providers to enable support for various currencies and card types, or to add the ability to accept a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, external gateway tokens, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, ACH, etc.

Gateway Hierarchy

When you configure multiple gateways in Recurly, they will be listed in the order they are added. Transactions will be processed through the first gateway added that accepts its card type and currency. Beyond this, Recurly will prioritize transaction routing based on the hierarchy outlined below.


1.) Transactions using a gateway token (Vantiv Tokens, Braintree Token, etc).
2.) Transactions using a gateway_code (from Custom Gateway Routing).
3.) Non-credit card transactions (PayPal, Amazon Pay, Adyen HPP).
4.) Credit Card default gateway.
5.) Credit Card, non-default gateway, that was added first.

Gateway Setup

Once you have your providers and payment methods selected, our setup documentation can walk you through how to get started with setting up additional gateways. Keep in mind, transactions will be routed to the first gateway added supporting its currency and card type by default. However, we do have options that give you more control on this routing as called out below:

Custom Gateway Routing

If you have more specific transaction routing needs, Recurly does offer the ability to specify which gateway will process a transaction via our Custom Gateway Routing feature. For more information on this, please visit our Custom Gateway Routing documentation here.

Setting a Default Gateway

Setting a default gateway will allow you to prioritize a gateway for your credit card transactions as long as the gateway supports a transaction's card type and currency and a gateway code has not been specified per the Custom Gateway Routing feature.

  1. On the Payment Gateways configuration page, locate the Default Gateways section in the right hand nav.
  2. Click Edit Defaults.
  3. In the resulting window, specify the default gateway you want to use for each listed payment method.
  4. Click Save.

Gateway Failover

You can also enable Gateway Failover to have redundancy for when a primary gateway is unavailable. With this feature, you'll be protected from any downtime with your transaction processing as Recurly will automatically route transactions to your back-up gateway when an issue with your primary gateway is detected. Once the issues with your primary gateway are resolved, Recurly will automatically resume sending new traffic through there.