Recurring billing analytics

Unlock the power of data-driven subscription management with Recurring Billing. Gain valuable subscriber insights, optimize financial health, evaluate performance, and enhance dunning effectiveness. Maximize your revenue potential with accurate data insights and personalized marketing strategies,


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


Recurring Billing is a comprehensive feature that enables businesses to streamline subscription management and optimize revenue generation through data-driven decision-making, subscriber insights, financial analysis, performance evaluation, and dunning process efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Data-driven decisions: Empower your strategic decision-making with in-depth and accurate data insights.
  • Subscriber insights: Understand your subscriber behavior, churn rates, and retention trends for personalized marketing.
  • Financial analysis: Dive into MRR, billings, recovered revenue and more to monitor your financial health.
  • Performance overview: Evaluate your trial performance and plan effectiveness for continual optimization.
  • Dunning effectiveness: Analyze the efficiency of your dunning (debt recovery) process for improved results.

Key details

MRR (Monthly recurring revenue)

The MRR Dashboard provides a clear view of your business’s monthly recurring revenue, allowing you to track growth, identify trends, and understand revenue composition. With insights into new business, expansions, contractions, and churn, it’s a powerful tool for financial forecasting and strategic planning.


The Billings Dashboards are your window into understanding payments, refunds, and net billings from all customers, showcasing only successful transactions while omitting manual or credit invoices. Gain a clear snapshot of your financial activities by geographical area, empowering you to comprehend your cash flow, make informed decisions, and craft robust revenue strategies by region.