Data imports and exports

Unlock the full potential of your Recurly data through comprehensive data imports and exports; a pivotal tool in achieving data-driven insights and business intelligence.


The Data Imports and Exports section of Recurly’s user guide encompasses detailed guides on various functionalities that empower businesses to seamlessly import data to populate various fields and records in their Recurly account, and export data reports pertaining to different aspects of their business operations. It covers a vast array of topics ranging from handling customer data imports to generating subscription history reports, all aimed at facilitating a deeper understanding and management of your business's performance and customer behaviors.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive insight: Gain deep insights from the vast array of reports available, aiding in data-driven decision making.
  • Ease of access: Simplified data importing and exporting functionalities for a hassle-free data management experience.
  • Customization: Tailor your data reports to meet specific business needs and preferences, thanks to a range of customizable report options.
  • Automation: Leverage automated exports to streamline your reporting process and save time.
  • Compliance and record keeping: Easily maintain detailed records for compliance and reference, with features facilitating external invoice generation and revenue recognition schedules.

Below is a structured overview of the wide range of dedicated pages available in this section to guide you through the meticulous process of data imports and exports, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of Recurly’s functionalities.

Dashboards & reports

This page offers an introduction to navigating dashboards and generating reports, laying the foundation for the effective use of Recurly's reporting tools.

Customer data imports

Discover the procedures for importing customer data seamlessly to ensure an enriched database for your business operations.

Data exports

A centerpiece in Recurly’s data management system, this section unfolds into numerous dedicated pages, each delving into a different report type available in Recurly. Explore each to unlock the full potential of data analytics and reporting.

Automated exports

Learn to set up and manage automated exports to streamline your data export processes, saving time and reducing manual effort.

Account notes

Find guidance on creating, managing, and exporting notes associated with different accounts, assisting in meticulous record-keeping.


Understand the nuances of managing and exporting data related to various accounts, facilitating detailed insights into customer interactions.

- Sub-categories (Accounts)


Navigate through the comprehensive guides on managing coupons, including bulk unique codes and redemptions, to foster customer loyalty and enhance marketing strategies.

- Sub-categories (Coupons)

Credit payments

Explore the functionalities available for managing and exporting data on credit payments, ensuring smooth financial operations.

Gift cards

Dive into the world of gift cards management, with insights on creating, distributing, and reporting to enhance customer satisfaction.


This segment covers a rich set of functionalities available for invoice management, providing detailed guides on different aspects, including external invoices and unused numbers.

- Sub-categories (Invoices)


This section provides detailed guidelines on managing and reporting various items associated with plans and subscriptions, aiding in effective product management.

- Sub-categories (Items)
  • Items — Associated Plans
  • Items — Associated Subscriptions

Revenue Recognition schedules

Explore the functionalities that assist in creating and managing revenue recognition schedules, vital in financial reporting and compliance.


A comprehensive guide to managing and reporting subscription data, including insights on add-ons, usage records, and churn analytics, among others.

- Sub-categories (subscriptions)


Get to grips with the functionalities available for transaction management and reporting, essential in keeping track of business financials.

Account acquisition data export

Understand the intricate processes involved in exporting data related to account acquisitions, a critical tool in analyzing business growth and customer acquisition strategies.