Fraud Management

Recurly is committed to supporting our customers by providing the tools you need to continue to grow - and protect your business from fraud. We partner with Kount, the leading fraud management platform, to give you superior fraud-fighting capabilities directly within Recurly.

Notable Benefits

  • Reduced duplicitous orders
  • Fewer chargebacks
  • Improved customer experience
  • Lower operational costs
  • Decreased churn

When Kount’s Fraud Service has been enabled, Recurly will perform risk inquiries on new card verifications (sign-ups and billing info updates). Existing accounts with a credit or debit card on file will not undergo risk inquiries unless they update their billing information.

Kount Enterprise

Kount Enterprise is the most powerful and customizable fraud management option available. Kount Enterprise provides you with the same leading digital fraud prevention technology as Kount Basic but with the added benefit of direct access to your own Kount Control Center and a dedicated Kount Customer Success Manager. Kount Enterprise provides you with the necessary tools to fight fraud by giving you the capability to create custom rules based off fraud trends and business policies, access to Kount’s business intelligence tool to perform in-depth analysis, ability to conduct manual reviews, and the utilization of Kount's next-generation artificial intelligence scoring.

How does it work?

When enabled, Recurly will invoke Kount’s Fraud Service (sending IP address, email address, shipping address, card details, billing info, and order details, etc to Kount) for each new card prior to contacting the payment gateway.

Kount responds with a risk decision based on their proprietary artificial intelligence and applies your custom rules. Recurly will honor the risk decision returned by Kount’s service. If the risk decision is to decline the transaction then Recurly will terminate this transaction and not contact the payment gateway. Otherwise, Recurly will continue with the transaction processing by submitting the details to the payment gateway.

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Kount Enterprise Fraud Management is available on Recurly's Elite Plan.