Drive customer acquisition and loyalty with Recurly's Promotions. From Free Trials to Gift Cards, excite your customers with enticing offers. Learn more in our comprehensive guide.


Required plan

While Trials, Discounts/Coupons, and Gift Subscriptions are available on all Recurly plans, Gift Cards are an exclusive feature available only to merchants on Pro and Elite plans. For detailed pricing information regarding these features, please reach out to your Recurly account manager or contact [email protected].


Promotions are marketing strategies designed to increase customer engagement and sales. Recurly enables effective promotion management through Free Trials, Coupons & Discounts, and Gift Subscriptions & Cards.

  • Customer Acquisition: Attract new customers with enticing offers like Free Trials and Discounts.
  • Customer Retention: Encourage customer loyalty with Gift Cards.
  • Increased Sales: With effective promotions, drive up sales and revenue.
  • Brand Engagement: Boost brand engagement and awareness through unique promotional strategies.

Key details

Free trial management

Free Trial Management lets businesses offer their potential customers a free trial period to experience the product/service before converting to a paid subscription. Learn more.

Coupons and discounts

Coupons & Discounts are promotional tools that provide a discount on the product/service's price. Recurly allows bulk unique coupon generation and support for multiple coupons per account. Learn more.

Gift subscriptions

Gift Subscriptions allow existing customers to purchase subscriptions as gifts for others. This promotes brand awareness and customer acquisition. Learn more.

Gift cards

Gift Cards are prepaid stored-value money cards that customers can use as an alternative to cash for purchases within the business. Learn more.

Gift cards dashboard

The gift cards dashboard is a great tool to manage the creation and maintenance of gift cards. Learn more.