Credit Cards

Harness the power and flexibility of Recurly's credit card processing solutions. Securely and efficiently handle your recurring transactions with support for a range of credit and debit card types, backed by the most popular gateways worldwide.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.

Prerequisites & supported gateways

To use Recurly's credit card solutions, you'll need a merchant bank account and a payment gateway supported in your business location. Make sure to check the detailed gateway support section below.

Supported credit card gateways

Explore detailed documentation for each gateway to ensure seamless integration with Recurly:

Refer to the above guides to ensure a successful setup and leverage the full potential of Recurly’s supported gateways for credit card transactions.


Recurly does not support Maestro cards for recurring transactions. Also, note that the availability of certain features may depend on your gateway and merchant account configurations.


Recurly's credit card solution allows businesses to securely process credit and debit card payments with a seamless integration into an array of well-established gateways. This feature not only ensures the safety of transactions but also allows for the support of level II card data, facilitating lower interchange rates for US merchants.

Checkout Flow

When a customer reaches the checkout stage, they will be prompted to enter their credit card details, including any relevant level II data if applicable. This information is used by Recurly to facilitate a safe and secure transaction process, with a direct link to the supported gateways. Refer to the gateway-specific guides for a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

Use cases

Whether you are a subscription service looking to streamline billing processes, or a retailer seeking to secure and facilitate your payment processes, Recurly's credit card solutions are designed to fit a myriad of business needs with ease and precision.

Supported Credit Card

Gateway Support

Your Recurly site supports various gateways based on your business location. For details on the gateways supported in your country, visit our gateway page.

Accepted Payment Types

Understand the importance of offering alternative payment methods for your subscription business. Recurly backs most card types approved by your merchant bank account and payment gateway, except Maestro cards due to their non-support for recurring transactions.

Level II Card Data Support

All transactions process at level I rates by default. However, Recurly facilitates level II card data support for most gateways, granting lower interchange rates for qualified transactions for US merchants. To benefit from this, ensure your sales tax is calculated through Recurly. The necessary data fields included are:

  • Sales tax amount
  • Customer code / PO number
  • Merchant zip code

Dual / Co-Badged Card Support

In compliance with Article 8 of EU IFR Regulation 2015/751 pertaining to co-badged cards within the European Economic Area (EEA), it is mandated that when a cardholder utilizes a co-badged card and your system accommodates both brands, they must be given the option to select the preferred brand for payment.

Recurly offers dual-badged compliance on the following gateways:

  • Adyen (Cartes Bancaires)