Technical account manager

Unlock your business's full potential with Recurly's Customer Success and TAM services.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.

Additional cost

To request a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) customers must meet specific requirements, including having an assigned CSM, meeting a minimum account contract value (ACV), or purchasing a dedicated package. Please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected] for more pricing details.

Key benefits

  • Lifecycle management: Efficiently manage different stages of your operations, ensuring smooth transitions and optimized performance throughout.
  • Proactive information sharing: Stay ahead with proactive sharing of crucial information, facilitating better decision-making and preparedness.
  • Training opportunities: Enhance skills and knowledge through various training opportunities, fostering continuous learning and improvement.
  • Critical situation management: Effectively navigate through critical situations with structured management strategies, minimizing adverse impacts.
  • Annual site optimization audit: Conduct thorough annual audits to assess site optimization, identifying areas of improvement to boost performance and results.

Key details

There are many benefits to having a named TAM on your account. TAM’s are subject matter experts that are able to provide unparalleled technical expertise in a diverse range of areas. Having a named TAM on your account will give you access to a seasoned professional, able to help guide your technology strategy by mobilizing an extended team that is driven to get the most out of your Recurly solution.

Technical account manager

Recurly's Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are here to ensure your success by providing personalized guidance and support throughout your journey. Here's how our dedicated TAMs can help you:

Proactive support: Our TAMs will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and provide proactive recommendations for growth opportunities. They will help you navigate challenges and identify potential problems before they arise.

Best practices training: TAMs will conduct training sessions to equip you with best practices tailored to your specific needs. They will share industry insights and help you optimize your subscription management strategies.

Critical situation management: In times of critical situations, your dedicated TAM will be there to provide personalized support and guidance. They will assist you in resolving issues promptly and minimizing any potential impact on your business.


Site optimization audit: Tam’s are able to assist their merchants by taking a deep dive into how the merchant is using the Recurly platform. We make a close inspection of the configuration of the site, getting granular with information about payment gateway usage, email and dunning campaign utilization, plan, coupon, and currency health, to name a few. Each of your configuration settings will be meticulously reviewed by the TAM who will then advise on best practices, and assist with implementation if there are any practices that need changed.

We take extra care to look at the integration as well- TAM’s dive into a review of the merchant’s API’s, including versioning, usage, and potential optimization, as well as their Recurly.js usage, Client Library usage, and Webhooks usage and best practices. Additionally, we do a deep review of your signup flow; we’ll review a few recent signups and advise on any potential optimization in this area. In addition to all this, we go over current and potential future utilization of all of our features, like email and dunning campaigns, alternate payment methods and account updater, fraud protection, and custom fields to name a few. Our merchants find they benefit greatly from the site optimization audit, and come out of the process with a subject matter expert on their specific Recurly site to partner with on ongoing projects.

Adding new payment methods: When one of our merchant’s made a push to add all available new payment methods to their Recurly site, it was all hands on deck for the TAM team. There were some specific tasks that came from the merchant, as they wanted to customize their customer experience so that taxes were visible prior to payment, so that the customer was able to see the total that they were paying before they committed. TAM’s were able to project, manage, and organize available resources so that the merchant could successfully implement as many payment methods as possible, in the way that worked for them.

Upgrading API’s: Another one of our merchants took on the task of updating their API versions from V2 to V3. They had support as a resource to them, but every time they started a new ticket, they had to re-initiate the entire support process and conversation over again. By working with their dedicated TAM, the merchant was able to smoothly upgrade their API versions and have a go-to subject matter expert answer any questions they had and advise on best practices to prevent any future hiccups as well.