Items — associated subscriptions

Unlock detailed insights into your subscription add-ons with the Items - Associated Subscriptions export.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The "Items - Associated Subscriptions" export provides comprehensive details of all subscription add-ons generated from a saved item in your catalog over a certain period. It focuses on add-ons linked to renewing, future start, last billing period, and paused subscriptions, omitting details from canceled or expired subscriptions.


Date Range Filter

Customize your export to focus on renewing, future start, last billing period, and paused subscriptions formed during a selected period, leveraging the "subscription_add_on_created_at" date in the export to narrow down your data.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

Column NameExampleDescriptionData type (max size)
item_idl20fl6bek3mpThe system-generated unique identifier of the saved item utilized in creating this add-on.string
item_namePink SweaterThe name of the saved item, mirrored in the add-on name on the customer's invoice.varchar(255)
item_codepink_sweaterThe Recurly unique identifier for the saved item, also denoting the add-on code.varchar(50)
external_skuPS1234Optional external SKU of the saved item used in creating this add-on.varchar(50)
item_statusenabledThe status of the item in your Recurly catalog, being either "enabled" or "disabled".string
plan_codeplatinumThe Recurly unique identifier for the plan affiliated with this subscription.varchar(50)
plan_namePlatinum PlanThe contemporary name of the plan corresponding to this subscription.varchar(255)
subscription_id3c42a34d1442f840Unique system-generated identifier for the subscription housing this item as an add-on.varchar(32)
subscription_add_on_quantity1The count of add-ons integrated into the subscription for this item.numeric
subscription_add_on_unit_amount_in_cents600The unit cost of the add-on in the subscription, denominated in cents; it may differ from the plan's or item's default pricing.numeric
subscription_add_on_currencyUSDThe currency utilized for billing in this subscription.varchar(3)
subscription_add_on_created_at2020-02-07 10:18:34 MSTThe date and time when the add-on was created, a critical filter for defining the date range.timestamp
subscription_add_on_modified_at2020-02-07 10:18:34 MSTThe latest modification date and time for the add-on.timestamp
subscription_add_on_tier_typeflatThe subscription add-on tier type.string
subscription_add_on_total_amount_in_cents12345Subscription add-on total amount in cents.numeric
subscription_add_on_modified_atsource1Subscription add-on source.string
subscription_add_on_tax_inclusivefalseBoolean flag to indicate whether the subscription add-on is tax inclusive.boolean

Version changelog

Version 4 - 1/13/2022

Addition of subscription_add_on_tax_inclusive column.

Version 3 - 7/23/2020

Addition of subscription_add_on_source column.

Version 2 - 4/29/2020

Addition of subscription_add_on_tier_type, subscription_add_on_total_amount_in_cents columns.