Account Activities Export

Accessible to all Professional and Elite plan Admin users via the Admin section of Recurly App.

What is Activity Logging?

Activity logging provides you critical insight into who within your Recurly site does what, when. For example, when you need to know what specific user updated an account’s email address, or who started a new subscription for a customer, you can leverage that data from the activity log.

Where can I access Activities?

Activity logging is viewable at the account level on specific customer accounts, as well as at the site level which is accessible via the Admin section of Recurly App on the "Admin Exports" page.

How can I obtain an Account Activities Export?

While activities can be viewed for specific customers on each of their account pages, they can also be gathered at the site-wide level in the Admin section. Under “Admin Exports” on the left-hand navigation panel, you can select the "Account Activities" button to begin viewing your activity logging data. The same data that is included on individual account pages is available in a single comprehensive view

Getting Started

Navigate to the Admin Exports page from the left-hand panel. Select the Account Activities report from the export options to begin your download request.

Quick Start: First, select which explore you would like to view- List of activities, or Count of activities.


What kind of information can I filter by in the Account Activities report?

Account activities currently provides data produced within the following criteria:

  • Account Code: The unique numeric identifier for the corresponding customer Account of which the activity was made
  • Acted Upon Object ID: The unique numeric identifier for the specific object in which a given activity took place (ex: an invoice, a transaction). TIP: You can click on any "Acted ID" within the table, and have the option to open that exact unique object in a new tab to view the corresponding activity in seconds! (ex: click on an Acted ID relating to a specific change to a subscription, by selecting "Open in Recurly App," you will immediately see that exact subscription appear in a new tab).
  • Acted Type: Where the activity took place within RA (ex: an invoice, a subscription)
  • Actor Name: Who/what on your RA site made the activity (this may be Recurly Background Bot, an API call, or an unique user)
  • Actor Type: What type of actor conducted an activity (ex: User)
  • Created at Time/Date: Time/date the activity occurred (option to choose either/or)
  • Verb: What and how an object was changed (ex: sent_email, renewed, marked_past_due)
  • Metadata: Specific details on the activity that occurred (ex: name of plan assigned to customer, invoice ID number sent to customer)

You can select these fields on the left-side panel within Explore screen to easily include/exclude whichever fields you want represented in your resulting report.

Select Additional Desired Filters

You can set filter criteria by "Search Entire Dataset," "Account Activities Acted Type," and "Account Activities Created At Date" to narrow your search criteria down by any keyword or unique identifier (leave blank to search entire dataset), activities you would like to view relating to specific acted types/objects, and what date range of activities you would like to view, respectively.


Choose a Visualization

Select what type of visualization you would like to view your resulting dataset in. The following are the top visualization options provided for your use:

  • Table (Default)
  • Column Chart
  • Bar Graph
  • Scatterplot
  • Line Graph
  • Pie Chart
  • Map
  • Single Value

Additional options are available by clicking the ellipses button at the end of the options list where a dropdown list of several more visualization options are presented.


Download your data for your records!

When you are ready to download your dataset, select the gear icon on the top-right side of the Explore screen and click "Download". You can select a download from any of the file format options shown in the second image below.

1721 482

The table visualization will only display data up to 5,000 rows. This means that if your data set results in over 5,000 rows, you will need to download a file to see the comprehensive output. Next to "Limit," make sure to select "All Results" to ensure all of your results are included in the file download.