Streamline billing and payment processes with detailed, customizable invoices that capture every transaction's essence, enhancing clarity and trust in your financial interactions.


In Recurly, invoices serve as a comprehensive record of transactions between the merchant and the customer. They detail the products or services exchanged, their prices, and other vital financial information. Acting as both a request for payment and proof of purchase, invoices are crucial for maintaining transparency and accountability in business dealings.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced transparency: Detailed breakdowns provide both merchants and subscribers clarity on financial exchanges.
  • Adaptability: Easily create invoices to accommodate changing subscriber needs or rectify errors.
  • Optimized cash flow: With tools to issue credit invoices, manage potential revenue losses, and retain customer trust.
  • Streamlined operations: Simplify the invoicing process with automated tools and integrations.
  • Compliance and record-keeping: Keep accurate financial records, aiding in tax compliance and financial analysis.

Key details

Invoices dashboard

Recurly's Invoices Dashboard provides a comprehensive view for managing customer invoices. It is designed to facilitate easy monitoring and handling of various invoice elements such as types, statuses, and numbering. The dashboard also includes functionalities for adjusting subscriptions, managing dunning processes, and processing refunds, ensuring a holistic approach to invoice management.

Invoice management

The Invoice Management section extends the capabilities of the Invoices Dashboard, focusing on the detailed management of invoices. It encompasses the same range of features, emphasizing the ability to oversee and manipulate the finer details of invoices, from their creation to finalization. This includes managing the lifecycle of invoices, from issuance to payment or cancellation, and applying any necessary adjustments.

Edit invoices

Recurly recognizes the need for flexibility in invoice management. The "Edit Invoices" feature allows for modifications to crucial invoice details post-issuance. Users can adjust information such as account notes, due dates, customer names, purchase order numbers, notes to customers, and terms and conditions, ensuring that invoices remain accurate and relevant to ongoing business and customer needs.

Credit invoices

To address billing errors or adjust for changes in subscription costs, Recurly offers the "Credit Invoices" feature. This allows for the issuance of credits to customers, which can be applied to future invoices or refunded directly. This feature simplifies the process of making financial adjustments, helping to maintain and even enhance customer trust by ensuring fair and responsive billing practices.