Sales, marketing and services

Empower your sales, marketing, and service teams with seamless integrations to industry-leading platforms. Drive growth, engagement, and customer satisfaction.


Additional cost

This feature or setting requires an additional cost. Please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected] for more pricing details.


  • Knowledge of the specific third-party software you're integrating.
  • An active account or subscription with the chosen third-party service.
  • Necessary API keys or authentication credentials as specified by the third-party software.


  • The depth and breadth of integration are contingent upon the third-party software's API and feature updates.
  • Some functionalities might not be fully compatible or may demand additional configurations.
  • Periodic maintenance and updates might be essential to ensure uninterrupted integration.


The Sales, Marketing & Services integrations refer to the strategic connection between our platform and top-tier third-party solutions in the sales, marketing, and service sectors. These integrations are designed to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and optimize outreach and customer service efforts.

Key benefits

  • Unified operations: Centralize your sales, marketing, and service operations on one platform.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Leverage advanced tools to boost customer interactions and satisfaction.
  • Data-driven decisions: Gain insights from integrated platforms to make informed marketing and sales strategies.
  • Automated workflows: Reduce manual tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in operations.
  • Scalability: Adapt and expand integrations based on evolving business requirements.

Key details

Zendesk Integration

Integrate with Zendesk to offer top-notch customer service. Manage tickets, track customer interactions, and ensure timely responses, all from our unified platform.

Salesforce Integration

Connect with Salesforce, the world's leading CRM, to manage leads, opportunities, and customer relationships more effectively. Harness the power of Salesforce's analytics and reporting within our platform for a holistic view of your sales pipeline.


Synchronize with MailChimp to optimize your email marketing campaigns. Design, send, and track email campaigns, manage subscribers, and analyze results, ensuring your marketing efforts resonate with your audience.


Braze provides a leading customer engagement platform that enables and automates personalized cross-channel communications to enhance subscriber engagement, drive retention, and improve the user experience.