Subscriptions - Ramp Pricing Export

This export returns the ramp interval data for each subscription with ramp priced billing model.

Version Change Log

Version 11/23/21

Subscription Status Filter


All active subscriptions.


Live subscriptions that will renew after the current term.


Live subscriptions that are in a trial period.


Live subscriptions that are currently paused.


Live subscriptions that will not renew after the current term.

Past Due

Live subscriptions with a past-due invoice.


Subscriptions that will become active when the start date arrives.


Inactive subscriptions.


This status refers to subscriptions that were never created due to a failed credit card validation. This status can also refer to a future subscription that is terminated prior to its start_date.

Date Range Filters


Subscriptions that were modified during the selected time range. Uses in the "modified_at" column of the export. You will only see the subscription modified- original subscription will not show when using export on modified parameter.


Subscriptions that were created during the selected time range. Uses the "created_at" column of the export. This option will include subscriptions that have been created but have a future activation date.

Export Contents

Column NameExampleDescription
uuidb964b5439c2548a489Unique internal identifier for the subscription. Even if a subscription is modified, this identifier is maintained. This identifier matches other exports such as the Subscriptions export.
ramp_id101112A unique internal identifier for ramp pricing, which can be matched up with the current_ramp_id value from the subscriptions export.
unit_amount14.99The unit amount for each ramp interval.
starting_billing_cycle2The starting billing cycle of the ramp interval.
elapsed_billing_cycles2The number of billing cycles that have elapsed in a ramp interval. When elapsed matches total_billing_cycles, the ramp interval has completed.
total_billing_cycles3The total number of billing cycles in a ramp interval.
started_at2021-05-08 12:53:10 MDTThe date that the ramp interval started.
ended_at2021-05-09 12:53:10 MDTThe date that the ramp interval ended.
estimated_start_date2021-05-11 12:53:10 MDTThe estimated start date of a future ramp interval.