Subscriptions — ramp pricing

Explore the detailed ramp interval data with the Subscriptions - Ramp Pricing export.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The ramp pricing export function returns comprehensive data on each subscription operating under a ramp priced billing model. This allows for detailed tracking and analysis of various subscription attributes and statuses at different intervals of the ramp pricing lifecycle.


Subscription Status Filter

This filter helps in sorting the subscriptions based on their current status. The different statuses are explained below:

  • Live: All active subscriptions.
  • Open: Live subscriptions that will renew after the current term.
  • Trial: Live subscriptions that are in a trial period.
  • Paused: Live subscriptions that are currently paused.
  • Canceled: Live subscriptions that will not renew after the current term.
  • Past Due: Live subscriptions with a past-due invoice.
  • Future: Subscriptions that will become active when the start date arrives.
  • Expired: Inactive subscriptions.

Date Range Filters

Under this filter, the subscriptions can be filtered based on the modifications and creations in a selected date range. The details are as follows:

  • Modified: It includes the subscriptions that were modified in the selected time range. This utilizes the "modified_at" column in the export, showing only the modified subscriptions while the original ones do not appear.
  • Created: This includes the subscriptions that were created within the selected timeframe, referring to the "created_at" column in the export. It also includes those created with a future activation date.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

Column NameExampleDescription
uuidb964b5439c2548a489Unique identifier for each subscription, retained despite modifications and aligns with identifiers in other exports like the Subscriptions export.
ramp_id101112Unique identifier for ramp pricing, aligning with the current_ramp_id value in the subscriptions export.
unit_amount14.99Unit amount charged at each ramp interval.
starting_billing_cycle2The billing cycle at which the ramp interval initiates.
elapsed_billing_cycles2The count of completed billing cycles in the current ramp interval.
total_billing_cycles3The overall billing cycles that a ramp interval encompasses.
started_at2021-05-08 12:53:10 MDTMarks the initiation date of the ramp interval.
ended_at2021-05-09 12:53:10 MDTDenotes the closure date of the ramp interval.
estimated_start_date2021-05-11 12:53:10 MDTThe anticipated commencement date for the forthcoming ramp interval.

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