Early access

If you want to enable Boleto on your account please contact [email protected]


Business entity

To enable Boleto the local business entity in Brazil is required. Please contact Adyen for more information.

Boleto bancário, simply referred to as Boleto, is a popular payment method in Brazil. Boleto is an especially popular payment method for some Brazilian shoppers who don't have a bank account. A Boleto invoice can be paid at ATMs, branch facilities, internet banking, and retail stores.

How Boleto works

  • Shopper selects the Boleto payment method on the checkout page
  • Once a Boleto invoice is generated, the shopper can see the barcode on the checkout page or can download the Boleto invoice
  • Shoppers can pay the Boleto invoice in store or online
  • Once a Boleto invoice is paid, Recurly receives an event and marks an invoice as Paid

Recurly settings

  • Enable Brazilian Real (BRL) on your Recurly account
  • Enable Adyen gateway and check Boleto payment method checkbox on a gateway configuration page
  • Add Boleto payment method on your checkout page using Recurly JS
  • Configure Boleto email template for recurring payments

Recurring payments configuration

Boleto doesn’t support recurring payments. Once renewal subscription payment is due, Recurly creates a new recurring invoice. When the invoice is created it will be moved to the Past Due state. At the same time Recurly will send a request to the payment gateway to generate a new Boleto invoice. You may consider using the Boleto email template to notify shoppers and include a link to open and download new Boleto. Once the renewal Boleto invoice is paid, the invoice is moved to the Paid state.

You may also consider using Boleto as a payment method to top-up the customer balance.

Adyen settings

  • Please contact your Adyen representative to configure your account with a local entity in Brazil
  • Enable Boleto payment method on your account
  • Enable Brazilian Real (BRL) on your Adyen account


  • Because of the limitations on the Boleto side Recurly creates a new invoice when a shopper generates a Boleto. You may want to configure your application and provide service when the invoice is moved to the Paid state.
  • Boleto doesn’t support recurring options (see above).
  • Boleto doesn’t support refunds. You may consider external refunds.