Dunning campaigns overview

Discover the dunning campaigns tools Recurly offers.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


This section equips you with a robust suite of tools and resources essential for tracking and analyzing your dunning.

Key details

Dunning campaigns

Dunning management is critical to maximizing Recurly’s revenue recovery initiatives. These analytics tools help you to effectively monitor, analyze, compare and enhance your dunning strategies, thus boosting revenue recovery.

Dunning benchmarks

The dunning benchmark dashboard will provide insights on your Dunning Recovery Rate, comparing yourself to others in your industry with Recurly’s built-in benchmarks.

Dunning summary

The dunning summary dashboard is designed to showcase the effectiveness of Recurly's mechanisms in recovering revenue from declined transactions. It features several tools aimed at mitigating payment failures and enhancing overall collection rates.

Invoices details

Gain a detailed perspective of your invoice recovery performance within all dunning campaigns. This section allows you to filter views by specific campaigns or view collective data.

Revenue details

Explore the financial outcomes of your dunning campaigns. This section highlights the revenue implications and successes of your efforts.

Subscriptions details

Understand the impact of dunning campaigns on your subscription metrics. This section focuses on how these campaigns influence subscription retention and recovery.

Compare dunning

This part of the page provides tools to compare the performance and effectiveness of different dunning strategies or campaign versions.

Compare versions

Analyze and contrast different versions of a single dunning campaign to identify the most effective strategies.

Compare campaigns

Evaluate and differentiate the effectiveness of various dunning campaigns to refine your approaches and implement best practices.