Hybrid pricing

Unlock ultimate flexibility in your pricing strategy with Recurly's Hybrid Pricing Model. Seamlessly combine recurring, quantity-based, usage-based, and one-time models to cater to your unique business needs.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The Hybrid Pricing Model allows for a combination of different pricing models such as recurring, quantity-based, usage-based, and one-time models. This strategy enables subscriptions and custom charges (non-recurring products) to be purchased together in a single transaction.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility: It accommodates a wide variety of business models and product offerings, accommodating both recurring subscriptions and one-time charges.
  • Single transaction: Simplifies the purchasing process by allowing customers to purchase subscriptions and one-time products in a single transaction.
  • Tailored pricing: Allows businesses to precisely tailor their pricing strategies to their unique product offerings and customer needs.
  • Improved customer experience: By offering a seamless purchasing process, it enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Effective for diverse product offerings: Perfect for businesses that offer a combination of digital goods, physical goods, SaaS, and more.

Key details

The Hybrid Pricing Model by Recurly offers an adaptive solution for businesses requiring diverse pricing strategies. By combining recurring, quantity-based, usage-based, and one-time models, you can address a wide range of business needs. The Hybrid Model particularly excels at supporting subscriptions and custom charges (non-recurring products) purchased together in one transaction.


To better illustrate the functionality of Hybrid Pricing, we’ve provided a few examples across different industries:

SaaSA CRM software charges $50/month/user and charges for usage based on the number of leads generated or emails sent.
Streaming mediaA streaming service charges $39.99/month and offers one-time products such as movies or TV show seasons.
Consumer goodsPet supplies service charges $9.99/month subscriptions and tiered pricing for toy add-ons.

Guide to activate hybrid pricing

  1. Understand Hybrid Checkout: Hybrid checkout introduces the concept of a 'purchase' that includes recurring and non-recurring products. It incorporates subscriptions with custom charges.
  2. API Integration: To use the hybrid model, you'll need to integrate with Recurly's API.
  3. Create a Purchase: In the API request, submit a subscription with one or many add ons or adjustments on a new or existing account. The subscription and adjustments will appear as line items on a single invoice, which is collected immediately.
  4. Transaction Management: A purchase transaction is a single transaction to the gateway. If successful, it will update or create an account in Recurly. If the transaction fails, the request will be rolled back.
  5. Reference Documentation: For more information on setting up a Hybrid Checkout, visit the Purchases section in Recurly's API documentation.

The Hybrid Pricing Model offers businesses the ultimate flexibility in pricing, accommodating a wide array of product offerings and customer purchasing habits. With Recurly's support, setting up this pricing model is straightforward, enhancing your ability to serve your customers better.