Implementing Recurly

Recurly offers a suite of versatile integration methods tailored for every need, whether you're looking to dive deep with direct API access, enhance your website's functionality with Recurly.js, or seamlessly incorporate Recurly into your mobile applications. This section provides an overview of each integration method, ensuring you choose the right fit for your platform.


Recurly is a sophisticated subscription management platform equipped with diverse features and tools, designed to handle subscription billing efficiently. Implementing Recurly involves setting up the necessary technical integrations to accommodate your company’s billing requirements and ensure a seamless payment processing experience for your customers.

Hosted pages vs Recurly.js (API-oriented)

When it comes to managing online payments, Recurly provides two robust solutions: Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) and Recurly.js. Both offer unique features tailored to different needs, ensuring a seamless payment experience. The Hosted Payment Pages are a hassle-free option requiring no coding knowledge, ideal for those who prefer a quick setup. On the other hand, Recurly.js offers more customization and is perfect for those who have a basic understanding of web technologies. The table below provides a straightforward comparison, highlighting key aspects to consider when choosing the solution that best aligns with your requirements.

Aspect to considerHosted PagesRecurly.js
Development TimeframeReady in as little as 30 minutes.Setup could range from 1-2 days, depending on web development readiness.
LocationHosted on your personalized subdomain: integrated into your website.
Technical SkillNo coding knowledge needed.Requires a basic understanding of APIs and HMAC digital signatures.
Look and FeelProvides basic design options.Offers a fully customizable, pre-built form.
Billing FlexibilityIdeal for subscriptions to a single plan with or without a trial period and billed on a regular cadence.Accommodates both regular subscription signups, multiple plans and one-time payments.
Customer ManagementAllows customers to update their billing information, cancel/reactive a subscription, or view invoices in the HPP.Recurly.js offers a form to update billing information. Any other account actions would need to be handled via another method.
PCI ComplianceAll card information is handled directly inside Recurly, making your business eligible for reduced PCI scope.All card information is handled directly inside Recurly, making your business eligible for reduced PCI scope.

Dedicated pages

Please, visit our dedicated pages if you would like to know more about our integration methods.

  • REST API Keys: Direct communication with Recurly's systems using our RESTful API keys. Designed for developers seeking precision and control.
  • Recurly.js: Elevate your website's payment capabilities with Recurly.js. A streamlined solution offering robust integration with simplicity.
  • Webhooks (JSON & XML): Receive real-time notifications about events in your Recurly account. With both JSON and XML support, our webhooks ensure maximum compatibility and adaptability.
  • Native Mobile SDKs: Integrate Recurly smoothly into your mobile apps using our native SDKs. Created for iOS and Android platforms to facilitate payments on the move.