Plans, pricing and promotions analytics

Unlock insights with Plans Pricing and Promo analytics. Optimize plan performance, analyze churn, and elevate retention strategies for profitability.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The Plans, Pricing and Promotions area of analytics offers a suite of dashboards aimed at analyzing and optimizing the performance of various plans within your business. With dashboards like Plan KPI, Subscriptions by Plan, Churn Trends by Plan, Retention by Plan, Trials by Plan, MRR by Plan, and LTV by Plan, you are equipped to thoroughly analyze key metrics such as acquisition rates, churn rates, average revenue per user, and lifetime value across different pricing tiers.

These analytics provide a granular view of subscription distribution, subscriber retention, trial effectiveness, and revenue generation segmented by plans. By leveraging these insights, you can identify popular plans, discover areas for improvement, devise targeted retention strategies, and work on enhancing overall profitability and customer value across your diverse pricing and promotional offerings.

Key details

Plan KPI (key performance indicators)

Access a comprehensive dashboard that provides key metrics for each subscription plan, such as acquisition and churn rates, and average revenue per user (ARPU). This data is crucial for evaluating the success and profitability of your pricing strategies.

Subscriptions by plan

This feature allows you to examine how subscriptions are distributed among your various plans, highlighting which are most popular and identifying where improvements can be made.

Churn trends by plan

Investigate churn metrics divided by plan to pinpoint trends and problematic areas, and to create targeted retention strategies that can help in maintaining a stable subscriber base.

Retention by plan

Measure the effectiveness of retention efforts for each plan by analyzing subscriber duration and identifying ways to enhance loyalty and minimize churn.

Trials by plan

Monitor the performance of trial offers for each plan, assessing conversion rates and engagement during the trial phase to optimize the transition from trial to paid subscriptions.

MRR (monthly recurring revenue) by plan

Keep track of the Monthly Recurring Revenue attributed to each plan, which is essential for financial planning and understanding how each plan contributes to your revenue stream.

LTV (lifetime value) by plan

Explore the lifetime value of subscribers associated with each plan, providing insight into the long-term revenue and customer value generated by different pricing tiers.