Data hosting

Choose Recurly for flexible data hosting across US and EU data centers, ensuring regional compliance and control. Select your preferred data hosting region during account setup.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


Currently, it is not possible to change the data hosting region for your site after it’s been created or to migrate an existing site's data to another region. Please choose your hosting region carefully while setting up your site.


Data Hosting with Recurly provides flexible options for your data storage across different geographic locations. Adhere to regional regulations with our uniformly compliant and high-performance data centers in the United States and Europe.

Key benefits

  • Ensure regional compliance: With data centers in the US and EU, Recurly enables you to meet regional data residency requirements.
  • Flexibility and control: Choose your data hosting region when setting up your Recurly account, providing control over where your data is stored.However, please note that data processing may still occur outside your chosen region, including regions outside the EU.
  • Comprehensive coverage: All data - from what's visible in the Recurly UI to APIs, webhooks, exports, and hosted pages - is processed and stored within your chosen region.
  • Uniform service quality: Enjoy consistent performance and GDPR compliance across all our data centers.

Key details

Data center locations

Recurly empowers you with a choice of data center locations across two major regions - the United States and the European Union. In the US, our data centers are located in Virginia and Oregon, while in the EU, we have centers in Germany and Belgium.

Data center scope

The region you choose encompasses all aspects of data processing and storage. This includes the data visible in the Recurly UI, the data utilized by APIs, webhooks, and exports, and all hosted pages including Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) and Hosted Account Management (HAM).

Note: Please consult with your third-party service providers for their data hosting options if you have set up data integrations that aren't built by Recurly.

Selecting your data hosting region

The choice of data hosting region is made at the time of signing up for a new Recurly account and creating your site. Following the creation of your site, all data will be processed and stored in the selected region. In case you wish to use Recurly across multiple regions, separate standalone sites must be created in each of your desired data hosting regions.

Recurly provides you with flexible data hosting options across the world to help you stay up to date with compliance and security in various geographic locations.

All of our data centers provide the same level of service and performance, as well as the same level of GDPR compliance. However, if you have additional data residency requirements based on the data protection regulations in your region of incorporation and the region(s) of your customer base, we provide the option to host your data in the US or Europe. We recommend consulting your compliance or legal department to determine which hosting location is right for you.