WorldPay – Ebanx/dLocal Latam Support

Latin America is a large and growing marketing for all things ecommerce, but it also represents a complicated payments ecosystem. To help mitigate this complications, Recurly has teamed up with WorldPay and Ebanx / dLocal to provide merchants with support in the region.

Recurly Settings:

  • Enable ARS currency on your site
  • Enable WorldPay as a payment gateway and ensure it's configured to accept ARS
  • If you'd like to accept the local card brand Tarjeta Naranja, toggle it on in your WorldPay Gateway settings

WorldPay Settings:
You will need a commercial relationship with both WorldPay and Ebanx or dLocal. If you need introductions to either party, please reach out to [email protected].

  • Please work with your WorldPay integration team to configure your WorldPay account.
  • Make sure your WorldPay account is enabled for local currencies as well as zero dollar authorizations.

A note about ZDA for Argentina: most card brands will be sent as 0 dollar to WorldPay/Dlocal and Dlocal will update the 0 to a relative local currency so you will likely see transactions >0 in your Dlocal account.

Tarjeta Naranja does not support ZDA, so verifications for that card brand will be sent for 1 dollar.

Argentina requires a tax id call CUIT to be sent with each transaction. On initial transactions, you'll need to collect this value from your shopper and submit it in the tax_identifier field on the billing info object. You also need to identify the value as CUIT by submitting the value CUIT in the tax_identifier_type field. Recurly will verify the format of the CUIT before sending to WorldPay and Ebanx or Dlocal.

Technical documentation can be found here. The CUIT is referenced in the billing information block.