Empower your email communication with Recurly's SendGrid integration. Seamlessly connect your merchant account to your own SendGrid service and API key, leveraging the power of your trusted SendGrid account. With Recurly's SendGrid integration, you gain full control over your customer emails. By routing them through SendGrid's robust SMTP server relays, you unlock enhanced email deliverability and comprehensive analytics, ensuring your messages reach the right recipients with precision.


Required Plan

This feature is only available to customers on the Professional and/or Elite subscription plan. To request to upgrade to this plan, please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected] for more details.

Although Recurly doesn’t charge extra for the integration, there are associated costs from SendGrid which are determined by their pricing and policies.

Managed Integration

For those who prefer not to use this self-service integration and are on the Professional or Elite plan, Recurly offers a Professional Services integration. There are additional costs associated with this service. For more information on this, you may visit the Professional Services section on the Email Templates page.

SendGrid implementation guide

  1. Sign up for a SendGrid account by visiting Signup SendGrid. Having a SendGrid account is a prerequisite for utilizing this integration.
  2. Ensure that you have site administration privileges for your Recurly account, allowing you to make the necessary configuration changes.
  3. Connect Recurly to your SendGrid account by utilizing one of your existing SendGrid API keys. If you don't have an API key set up yet, you can effortlessly create one by visiting SendGrid's API key creation page.
  4. Assign your SendGrid API key to your Recurly Site within the Site Settings section. This step establishes the connection between Recurly and SendGrid, enabling seamless integration.

Please note that any emails queued for dispatch prior to setting your SendGrid API Key will be sent as originally scheduled. However, once you have successfully set your SendGrid API Key, all subsequent queued emails will be sent using your SendGrid account. Allow some time for the system to process the active queue and ensure a smooth transition to the SendGrid integration.


Q: Am I required to make this change?
A: No, the SendGrid integration is optional and available for those who want to leverage their own SendGrid account to gain visibility into email statistics and have more control over email deliverability.

Q: Will Recurly continue to send emails for me if I don't use this SendGrid integration?
A: Yes, absolutely. The SendGrid integration is not mandatory, and Recurly will continue sending emails on your behalf if you choose not to set up a SendGrid account.

Q: How soon after adding my API key will emails be sent from my SendGrid account?
A: Please allow some time for the system to process the active email queue. Once you've added your SendGrid API key, the transition to sending emails from your SendGrid account may take a short period before you start seeing them being sent.

Q: Is there a charge for setting this up?
A: Recurly does not impose any additional charges to utilize this integration. However, please note that any applicable charges from SendGrid will be determined by their pricing and policies.

Q: I logged into my site, but I don't see the SendGrid API field. Do I need to enable something else?
A: To update your SendGrid API key, a site admin needs to log in to your Recurly account. Once the API key is set, its value will always be masked for security purposes.