Lifecycle communications

Elevate your subscriber engagement with Recurly's robust Lifecycle Communications tools, ensuring timely, targeted, and effective messaging.


Lifecycle Communications in Recurly pertains to the structured and strategic communication sent across different stages of a subscriber's journey. It encompasses automated emails, tailored notifications, and segmented messages, ensuring subscribers remain informed, engaged, and connected.

Key benefits

  • Personalized engagement: Tailor messages to resonate with subscribers, enhancing user experience and loyalty.
  • Global outreach: With 30 language supports, communicate effortlessly with a diverse subscriber base.
  • Timely notifications: Ensure subscribers never miss an update with timezone-specific emails and crucial reminders.
  • Segmented targeting: Drive better engagement by reaching out to the right audience with relevant content.
  • Seamless deliverability: Advanced integrations, like Sendgrid, guarantee your emails hit the inbox every time.

Key details

Email templates

Crafting the right message for the right occasion is vital. Recurly offers customizable email templates to cater to various touchpoints in the subscription lifecycle, such as renewal reminders and trial ending notifications.

Email language support (30)

Communicate effectively by respecting and recognizing language preferences. Recurly's Lifecycle Communications extends support for 30 languages, allowing businesses to send emails that resonate better with the global audience.

Email timezones and timestamp

Ensuring emails are delivered at the right time in a subscriber's local timezone can drastically increase engagement and action rates. Recurly's feature ensures timely dispatch, so subscribers receive emails when they're most likely to engage.

Audience segmentations

Not every message is meant for everyone. Recurly offers advanced segmentation tools, allowing businesses to target specific subscriber groups based on behaviors, subscription types, or other custom criteria.

Advanced email deliverability (SendGrid)

Partnering with industry leaders like Sendgrid, Recurly guarantees that your emails not only get dispatched but also land in the subscriber's primary inbox, driving better open rates, engagement, and actions.

Cross-channel communications (Braze)

Our Braze Integration allows Recurly users to effortlessly feed subscription information into Braze for targeted customer communication. Braze provides a leading customer engagement platform that enables and automates personalized cross-channel communications to enhance subscriber engagement, drive retention, and improve the user experience.