Customer success manager

Unlock your business's full potential with Recurly's Customer Success services! Our team serves to champion our clients by proactively understanding their needs and goals, providing partnership, best-practices, data-driven insights and guidance throughout the client journey.


Required plan

To have a named CSM placed on an account, customers must either meet a specific ACV threshold OR separately purchase a CSM package.

Additional cost

Access to a CSM below a certain threshold carries an additional cost. For more pricing details or for details on the current ACV thresholds, please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected].


A Customer Success Manager champions a client by proactively engaging with customers, understanding their unique needs and goals, providing partnership and guidance throughout their journey to ensure client satisfaction, loyalty, retention and growth. Our mission is to communicate best practices, drive outcomes with data-driven insights, and to ensure clients are well adopted, continuously optimized, and are achieving ROI so they become Recurly advocates.

Customer success

Customer Success at Recurly serves to Champion our client’s success. Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) bring more than 75 years of combined payments experience. CSMs are committed to understanding your business and helping you achieve your goals. Here's what you can expect from our Customer Success program:

  • Strategic alignment meetings: We'll create a joint success plan (JSP) to help define and track your key success objectives/KPIs. Using this JSP we will conduct regular, ongoing meetings to align your objectives to our best practices and benchmark data, driving ROI and growth of your subscription business
  • Executive business/strategic business reviews: Our CSMs will conduct annual executive business reviews to help drive deeper partnership, to provide insight into our shared outcomes and to set the ongoing vision for success. Strategic Business Reviews can be scheduled quarterly to reflect upon quarterly targets, data, projects and updates.
  • Use case, adoption and optimization expertise: Our CSMs will analyze your subscription configuration, and metrics to compare them to industry trends, providing valuable insights to help you stay competitive.
  • Custom benchmark reports: We'll provide benchmark reports tailored to your specific industry, giving you a clear understanding of your performance compared to industry peers.
  • Voice of the customer (VOC): As your trusted partner, your CSM gathers your feedback and advocates for enhancements and features that align with your needs, influencing the future direction of our product roadmap.
  • Thought leadership: Our CS program includes close partnership with our Marketing partners who help us drive thought leadership, industry insights, webinars, round-tables, advocacy programs and reports all of which help our client’s drive subscription growth and success.