Voluntary churn

Address voluntary churn head-on with tailored strategies. Enhance customer satisfaction, retain more subscribers, and understand the reasons behind departures.



  • A system to capture and analyze customer feedback.
  • Integration with your subscription management or CRM platform.
  • A dedicated team or personnel to handle and address churn-related concerns.


  • Not all reasons for voluntary churn can be addressed or prevented.
  • Requires a proactive approach and might not yield immediate results.
  • Some strategies might be more effective for specific customer segments.


Voluntary churn refers to customers or subscribers who actively choose to end their relationship with a service or product. Addressing voluntary churn involves understanding the reasons behind these decisions and implementing strategies to either prevent or learn from them.

Key benefits

  • Deeper customer understanding: Gain insights into customer departure reasons to inform retention strategies.
  • Retention enhancement: Tackle common churn reasons to maintain a more stable customer base.
  • Revenue predictability: Minimize voluntary churn for more consistent revenue streams.

Key details

Pause subscriptions

Introduce the option for customers to pause their subscriptions instead of outright canceling. This provides flexibility for those who might be facing temporary challenges or changes in circumstances, allowing them to return when they're ready without the hassle of re-subscribing.