Subscriptions — churned

Track and export data on churned Recurly subscriptions with ease.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


In the Recurly platform, a "Churned Subscription" refers to subscriptions that have churned and are no longer active. This information is vital in understanding subscription lifecycles and trends in user retention.


Time Range Filter

To get specific data, use the Time Range Filter which exports all the subscriptions that expired during a selected time frame. This filter uses the "expired_at" column in the export. Note that a subscription does not churn until it has expired, and the "canceled_at" and "expired_at" dates are not the same.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

Column NameExampleDescription
uuid5eg5bcc7ef8211e0a908005056b00005Unique identifier for a specific subscription plan.
account_code123456789, [email protected]Account associated with a given subscription UUID.
email[email protected]Email address associated with a given subscription UUID.
plan_codebasicPlan that the customer is subscribed to with this UUID.
statepending, modified, converted, active, canceled, expiredCurrent state of the subscription. Modified and converted are depreciated states
auto_renewTRUEDefaults to TRUE for auto-renewing subscriptions. FALSE if subscription set to expire at end of current term.
currencyUSDIdentifies the currency being charged with this subscription.
quantity1Identifies the quantity of the subscription purchase.
unit_amount99Identifies the base price of 1 quantity of the subscription.
add_on_amount15Identifies any additional charges to the subscription base fee from add_ons.
total_recurring_amount114Identifies total recurring charges - unit_amount x quantity + add_on_amount.
current_period_started_at2009-12-04 00:46:59 PSTDate and time that the current billing period started. *
current_period_ends_at2009-12-04 00:46:59 PSTDate and time that the current billing period ends at.
trial_started_at2010-03-24 17:18:46 PDTDate and time that a trial period began on the subscription.
trial_ends_at2010-04-23 17:18:46 PDTDate and time that a trial period ends on the subscription.
total_billing_cycles1This is the total number billing periods in the subscription term.
remaining_billing_cycles0Number of remaining billing periods in the subscription’s current term. Will always be 0 if subscription term has 1 billing period
renewal_billing_cycles1Number of billing periods in the subscription’s next term. Will default to plan’s total_billing_cycles unless customized. Nil if auto_renew = false
current_term_started_at2018-09-02 15:53:18 UTCStart date of the subscription’s current term
current_term_ends_at2018-10-02 15:53:18 UTCEnd date of the subscription’s current term.
activated_at2010-03-24 17:18:46 PDTDate and time the subscription was added to the account.
modified_at2010-03-24 17:18:44 PDTDate and time the subscription was last updated.
canceled_at2010-03-28 22:54:46 PDTDate and time the subscription was canceled.
expires_at2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTDate and time the subscription was terminated. Used for date range filter to the customer's hosted account maintenance URL.
net_termson-receiptIdentifies the net_terms agreement associated with the subscription.
po_number213123For manual invoicing, this identifies the PO number associated with the subscription.
collection_methodautomatic/manualIdentifies whether the subscription fees are collected via manual or automatic invoicing
plan_nameBasic PlanThe plan name of the subscription at the time the subscription expired
expiration_reasonCanceled, Non-payment, Fixed billing cycles, Tax Location Invalid, Nonpayment_gift, Nonpayment_trialThe reason that the subscription expired. Note that nonpayment_Trial only relates to cardless subscriptions trials
ship_address_id2019760433389770000The unique ID assigned to the shipping address
ship_address_nicknameJulieThe nickname given to the shipping address
ship_address_firstnameJulieThe first name associated with the shipping address
ship_address_lastnameSmithThe last name associated with the shipping address
ship_address_company_nameBig CompanyThe company name associated with the shipping address
ship_address_street1321 Michigan StreetThe first line of the street address for the shipping address
ship_address_street2Apt 1The second line of the street address for the shipping address
ship_address_cityWest BloomfieldThe city for the shipping address
ship_address_stateMIThe state for the shipping address
ship_address_zip48322The zip or postal code for the shipping address
ship_address_countryUSThe country for the shipping address
ship_address_vat123456789The VAT number associated with the shipping address
ship_address_email[email protected]The email address associated with the shipping address
ship_address_phone248-555-1212The phone number associated with the shipping address
started_with_giftTRUE, FALSETRUE if the subscription was started with a gift card, whether or not billing information was collected.
converted_at2016-09-02 15:53:18 UTCDate of the first successful transaction for the subscription.
This field is only used for gifts cards and cardless free trial conversions.
In other words, it will only have a value if started_with_gift is TRUE OR no_billing_info_reason is "plan_free"trial." Converted_at compared to the subscription's activated_at will give you the time to conversion.
no_billing_info_reasonplan_free_trialIdentifies the reason why a subscription did not have billing information at time of renewal/activation.
shipping_amount_in_cents500The amount of the shipping fee on the subscription, in cents.
shipping_method_codeusps_overnightThe code of the Shipping Method from configuration.
pricing_modelrampPricing model of the subscription. Will be either fixed or ramp.
current_ramp_idpz82514rbd3sThe id of the current ramp interval.

Version changelog

Version 3 - 12/7/2021

  • Column added for pricing_model
  • Column added for current_ramp_id

Version 2 - 5/2/2019

  • Column added for Shipping Cost
  • Column added for Shipping Method