Braze integration

Elevate your customer engagement platform with Recurly's seamless integration with Braze.


Required plan

This feature is only available to customers on the Elite subscription plan. To request to upgrade to this plan, please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected] for more details.


  • Enrollment in the Recurly Elite plan is required.
  • Activation of credit invoices is necessary.
  • An operational and active Braze account is required before synchronization can be enabled.
  • Possession of the Braze API key and access to a sandbox for testing are essential.


  • The feature is currently under development, with initial deployment focusing on sending Custom Event data from Recurly for specific subscription lifecycle events.

  • Future enhancements are planned to include sending Recurly subscriber data as custom attributes. This will allow for the creation and enhancement of segment-based journeys, leveraging Recurly subscription and subscriber data within the Braze Canvas Flow.


Braze provides a leading customer engagement platform that enables and automates personalized cross-channel communications to enhance subscriber engagement, drive retention, and improve the user experience.

Our Braze Integration allows Recurly users to effortlessly feed subscription information into Braze for targeted customer communication.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced engagement: Personalizes communication with real-time data.
  • Real-time synchronization: Ensures up-to-date subscriber information flow.
  • Scalable marketing: Supports advanced, data-driven marketing strategies.

Getting started with Braze and Recurly

Integrating Braze with Recurly simplifies the process of sharing subscription data with Braze, enabling targeted communication with customers.

Integration steps

To begin, ensure you have active accounts on both Braze and Recurly.
Follow these steps after setting up your Braze account:

  1. Access Recurly: Navigate to the Integrations section in your Recurly account and select Braze.
  1. Establish connection with Braze: Enter your Braze API key to connect. Remember to copy the URL of your Braze instance. For instance, your URL might look like:
  1. Complete the setup: Click on 'Connect to Braze' to finalize the integration process.

Configuring custom events in Braze

For effective customer engagement, configuring custom events in Braze to utilize Recurly data is crucial.

Steps to configure custom events

  1. Access custom events in braze: Sign into Braze, navigate to “Data Settings,” and select “Custom Events” to initiate the setup.
  2. Incorporate Recurly events: Choose “Add Custom Event” to start adding Recurly's events. Ensure to include each event from Recurly for thorough data integration. These events can also be tracked within Braze analytics.

Tip: Always check the “raw data” from test users when setting up your Recurly integration. This data aids in further customer segmentation within Braze.

Custom events

Custom EventDescription
Recurly New SubscriptionTriggered when a subscription is created
Recurly Renewed SubscriptionTriggered when a subscription renews
Recurly Updated SubscriptionTriggered when a subscriptions attributes change (Plan change, price change, or quantity change)
Recurly Canceled SubscriptionTriggered when a subscription is canceled
Recurly Reactivated SubscriptionTriggered when a canceled subscription is reactivated
Recurly Paused SubscriptionTriggered when a subscription is set to be paused
Recurly Resumed SubscriptionTriggered when a subscription unpauses
Recurly Subscription ExpiredTriggered when a subscription expires
Recurly Invoice CreatedTriggered when an invoice is created
Recurly Successful PaymentTriggered when an invoice is successfully collected
Recurly Refund IssuedTriggered when a refund is issued
Recurly Failed Recurring PaymentTriggered when an invoice fails for a subscription renewal

Configuring campaigns in Braze

Within Braze, navigate to “Messaging” and select “Campaigns”. Here you will configure the customer communication that will be sent to your customers across different channels.

Note: Please note that while merchants can create numerous campaigns in Braze, not all of them will be driven by Recurly events

  1. Sign into Braze: Navigate to the Data Settings and select Custom Events to begin configuring a new campaign.
  2. Schedule delivery: When on this step, select Action Based delivery type, and specify the New Trigger Action to be based on one of the Recurly Custom Events.
  3. Specify values: Custom event values can also be included as additional property filters for granular message configuration.