Edit invoice

Edit an invoice to correct your customer's Bill To information, add a PO number, or give the customer more time to pay the invoice.


Recurly Now Saves the Invoice's Historical Name and Company

With the launch of invoice editing, Recurly now saves the first name, last name, name on account (for ach/bank account), and company on the invoice. If you update the account's information, existing invoices will no longer update automatically. To update an existing invoice, use this new edit invoice option.

How To Edit

To edit an invoice in the Admin Console, you must have access to the Customers section and have edit user rights. Those with read-only access to the Customers section will not have access to the edit option.

Find the invoice you want to edit and go to the Invoice Actions dropdown at the top right of the Invoice Details page. You will see the option to "Edit Invoice". This will take you to the edit page. The invoice will not be edited until you click "Save Changes" on the edit page.

Invoices can also be edited via the API.

Editable Attributes

The below invoice attributes are editable.

AttribueEdit Rules
PO NumberAlways editable if you have access to Recurly's Manual Invoicing feature.
Due OnEditable if the invoice's collection method is manual. Must be greater than or equal the post date and less than 999 days from the post date.

Changing the Due On may result in the invoice moving from a pending to a past due state, or vice versa. This will pull the invoice into or out of dunning.
Customer NotesAlways editable.
Terms and ConditionsEditable if invoice is not a credit invoice.
VAT Reverse Charge NotesEditable if invoice was a reverse charge.
Bill To First Name, Last Name, or Name on AccountAlways editable.

Note that "Name on Account" is used for invoices issued with ACH (bank account) billing info used as the Bill To on the invoice.
Bill To CompanyAlways editable.
Bill To AddressEditable if taxes are not enabled on your Recurly site or if the invoice didn't receive a prior tax consideration.


Editing an invoice will not trigger an email to your customer. To email your customer their updated invoice, resend the last email for the invoice on the Invoice Details page.

Activity Log

When an invoice is edited, an activity is added to the account's activity log and includes what attributes were edited.

If you have very long Customer Notes or Terms and Condition notes, be aware that the activity will only show the first 255 characters. In the event the changed text was after 255 characters, it will not show in the activity, and the activity will only indicate that a charge was made to that field.


When an invoice is edited, a new updated invoice webhook will be sent. Charge invoices will send the update_charge_invoice_notification and credit invoices will send the updated_credit_invoice_notification. If the invoice edited is a legacy invoice (issued before Credit Invoices enabled on the site), the update_invoice_notification will be sent.

Additionally, if the invoice edit moves the invoice from a pending to a past due state, the past_due_invoice_notification or past_due_charge_invoice_notification will go out.


Invoices edited in Recurly will be synced to Salesforce on the next regular sync cycle. Select invoice fields are available to edit in Salesforce as well, with those changes getting pushed to Recurly immediately. These fields can be updated in Salesforce and synced with Recurly:

  • Due Date
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Customer Notes

Quickbooks Online

These fields will be updated in Quickbooks Online if changed on the invoice in Recurly:

  • Bill To name, company, address
  • Due Date
  • Terms
  • Customer Notes


Edit Invoice is not supported with our Xero integration. If you edit an invoice in Recurly and need the invoice to be updated in Xero, you will need to edit the invoice directly in Xero as well.


NetSuite will update on the next sync to reflect any invoice changes you make. Note that only fields you have mapped to NetSuite will be reflected in NetSuite.


Will editing the invoice trigger an email to the customer?

No, editing the invoice does not email the customer. If you would like to send the customer an updated invoice, resend the last email for the invoice on the Invoice Details page in the Admin Console. The email will pull the latest invoice information.

Why can't I edit the invoice's Bill To address?

If your site currently has taxes enabled or the invoice had a tax consideration when posted, Recurly will not allow you to edit the Bill To address. This is due to the fact that the address change could require a tax amount change and we do not allow edits that change the invoice amounts. Note that this limitation also applies to invoices that do not have taxes currently applied because the address change might put them in a taxable region that would require taxes.

If you are using a Ship To, then taxes are based on the Ship To. In this case, we still don't allow you to edit the invoice's Bill To. This is just a limitation of our initial release of invoice editing.

Why can't I edit the Ship To on the invoice?

We left Ship To editing out of our initial edit invoice feature because it has a lot of downstream implications, like where you may be sending physical goods. If you would like to edit the Ship To, contact Recurly Support and tell us more about your use case.

Why can't I edit the due date?

You can only edit the due date if the invoice has manual collection. Note that if you issue an invoice with manual collection and then the customer pays with billing info using the hosted invoice Make A Payment button, the invoice converts to automatic collection and due date is no longer editable. For example, if you issue an invoice with net-30 and the customer attempts to pay with their credit card and the transaction declines, the invoice will turn past due immediately and cannot have the due date edited because it is now automatic collection.

I want to edit something you don't support.

Please let Recurly Support know what other invoice attributes you would like to edit and the business case behind it.