How to test your gateway

Ensure seamless payment processing by testing your gateway configuration in Recurly. Verify communication and transaction capabilities quickly and efficiently in just a few steps.


Required plan

This payment gateway or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


  • A Recurly account set to development or production mode.
  • Configured payment gateway within Recurly.


This page guides users through the process of testing their payment gateway configuration within the Recurly app. It emphasizes the importance of validating the setup before going live to ensure smooth, error-free payment transactions.

Testing the gateway configuration

Before launching your payment gateway, conducting test transactions is essential to verify that the integration operates correctly. Your Recurly account should be set to either development mode or production mode, as testing is not supported in sandbox mode.

  1. Access the Payment Gateways section within your Recurly account to find your gateway's settings. Click on Options located in the upper right corner and choose Test Configuration.
  2. Review the outcomes of the test. A successful test indicates that there is effective communication between Recurly and your payment gateway, ensuring transaction processing capabilities.