Verify Billing Info


Recurly has added a new feature that allows you to verify billing information already stored in our secure credit card vault. This allows you to confirm the validity of your customers’ payment information prior to any customer outreach or billing attempts, unlocking the ability to target subsets of customers for different needs: win-back marketing campaigns, proactive communications to update billing information, and more!

Purpose Statement

The main goal of this feature is to empower merchants by providing the ability to run verifications on stored customer billing information. This will allow merchants to have confidence that the billing information stored on a customers’ account is valid no matter how long it has been on file.

Merchant Benefits

  • Validate customer billing information on an as-needed basis.
  • Identify customer billing information that may be “stale” or invalid.

Merchant Prerequisites

  • API V3 or V2 integration
  • Subscription to Professional or Enterprise plan
  • Credit card gateways (non-credit card payment methods are not supported)

Supported Functionality

  • Submit a billing info verification for default stored billing info via API by providing account code.
  • Optionally specify gateway code to route verifications through a chosen gateway.
  • Submit verification as $1 or zero dollar authorization according to gateway configuration settings.
  • Receive billing info verification responses via API (success and decline).

Supported Gateways

All Recurly credit card gateway integrations. (Non-credit card gateways, such as PayPal Business, Adyen HPP, Adyen ACH, GoCardless, etc are not supported).

Implementation Details

  1. Using API V3 or API V2, submit a POST to /accounts/:account/billing_info/verify, where :account is the user’s account code.
  2. Ensure account_code is included in the API call.
  3. Recurly will submit the billing information stored with the account code above to the default gateway supporting the card type.
  4. If the subscription or billing info is associated with a gateway code, it will be sent to the specified gateway.
  5. Optionally include a gateway_code to route transactions through the chosen gateway.
  6. If the gateway code specified does not support the associated card type, an error will be returned.
  7. Recurly will submit all stored fields relating to the default billing information, which may include PAN, expiration date, cardholder name, and cardholder billing address.

Note: Recurly will not submit CVV as this value cannot be stored according to PCI compliance regulations.


  • Currently, use of this endpoint is only possible via the API. Admin functionality is not available at this time.
  • Verifications will be performed according to your gateway configuration in Recurly. This means that the verification will be submitted as a $1 authorization or ZDA depending on how your gateway is configured. This cannot be specified during the verify stored billing info call.
  • Since CVV will not be included, you will need to ensure that your gateway is not configured to decline verifications due to missing CVV.
  • Verifications are submitted as transactions and will be counted according to Recurly’s transaction fees. Gateways may apply a transaction fee according to verifications as well.