Master your subscribers' details and transactions with Recurly's comprehensive Accounts section, tailoring the experience for each user.


The Accounts section in Recurly provides a centralized hub to manage all subscriber-related details, from hierarchical structures to billing and shipping addresses. This essential feature ensures organized, streamlined operations and subscriber management for businesses using Recurly.

Key benefits

  • Centralized subscriber management: One-stop location for all subscriber-related data and actions.
  • Flexibility in billing: Enables structured invoice rollups within account hierarchies for efficient billing processes.
  • Geographic customization: Manage specific details for countries, provinces, and states, ensuring accurate billing and shipping.
  • Streamlined shipping management: Allocate and manage shipping addresses efficiently for each purchase.
  • Enhanced payment solutions: The Subscriber Wallet feature facilitates multiple payment methods, providing flexibility and convenience for subscribers.

Key details

Account hierarchy

Recurly's Account Hierarchy is designed to showcase the relationships between different subscriber accounts. It facilitates understanding parent-child, or primary and linked, account relationships, beneficial for businesses with enterprise clients having multiple subdivisions.

Account hierarchy - invoice rollup

Invoice Rollup is an ingenious feature that aggregates invoices from child accounts to the parent account, streamlining the billing process. This is particularly handy for businesses looking to consolidate billing for enterprise clients.

Countries, provinces, and states

Customize and manage subscriber details according to their geographical location. This feature ensures accuracy in data recording, billing, and shipping, catering to the specific requirements of countries, provinces, or states.

Shipping addresses

Manage and allocate the correct shipping addresses for your subscribers, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. Recurly allows businesses to efficiently handle multiple shipping addresses for various purchases.

Shipping addresses per purchase

Go one step further by assigning specific shipping addresses to individual purchases. Tailor each transaction to your subscriber's needs, elevating their experience.

Subscriber wallet

Recurly's Subscriber Wallet is a versatile tool, allowing subscribers to store multiple payment methods, granting them the flexibility to choose how they wish to pay..

Subscriber wallet implementation guide

To ensure the efficient usage and integration of the Subscriber Wallet, Recurly provides a detailed implementation guide. This guide walks businesses through the setup and operational processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both the business and its subscribers.