Customer data imports

Transition smoothly to Recurly by safely and efficiently migrating your existing customer data using Recurly's Customer Imports services, equipped with both self-managed and Recurly-managed solutions.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


  • Subscription to one of Recurly's plans
  • Pre-existing customer data ready for migration
  • Proper configuration of your Recurly site into Production mode for self-managed imports


  • Requires careful planning and execution to avoid data mishandling
  • Self-managed imports necessitate a comprehensive understanding of Recurly's API


Customer Imports refer to the process of migrating your existing customers' account, billing, and subscription data into Recurly’s environment. This process is designed to ensure a smooth transition, enabling businesses to take advantage of Recurly's powerful tools and services with minimal to no disruption to the ongoing customer billing experience. However, be aware that a brief maintenance window may occur to facilitate the migration.

Key benefits

  • Secure data transfer: Leverage Recurly’s PCI-compliant process for a secure data migration.
  • Expert assistance: Benefit from Recurly’s Professional Services Team's expertise for a guided migration process.
  • Seamless customer experience: Ensure a smooth transition for your customers, maintaining the continuity of their subscription services.
  • Flexible migration options: Choose between self-managed and Recurly-managed migration options to suit your business needs.

Key details

Migrate existing subscribers into Recurly

Transition your existing customer base into Recurly with ease, either independently or with the aid of Recurly's expert team. We provide PCI-compliant processes to ensure a secure migration of highly sensitive billing data. Learn about Recurly's onboarding services for further assistance.

Account information

Recreate existing customer accounts in Recurly using the create_account API endpoint. If you intend to have Recurly manage your credit card or subscription import, do not create accounts prior to the import.

Billing information

Ensure a safe transfer of your subscribers and their billing data from your former provider to Recurly through our PCI-compliant account and billing info migration service.

Migrate subscription information into Recurly

Bring your existing customer subscription data into Recurly either with the Recurly guided import process or self-service using our APIs. For a comprehensive transition involving account, billing information, and subscription migration, explore our subscription import service.

Import options

Opt from three distinct choices for migrating your customers’ subscriptions into Recurly:

Import process

Follow the step-by-step import process to successfully transition to Recurly:

1. Create accounts

Employ the Create Account API to create your customer data in Recurly, defining at least an account_code as the unique identifier.

2. Provide billing information

Utilize the Billing Info Update API to input credit card data sans CVV, initiating a card authorization for data validation. Reach out to customers for updated data if any card fails this authorization.

3. Create subscriptions

Option 1: Manual invoice method

After defining subscription plans in Recurly, deactivate automated communications you wish to suppress such as emails or webhooks. Use the Create Purchase API for subscription creation, setting the first renewal date to match the next renewal and generating a manual invoice. Mark invoices as "paid" and switch subscriptions to automatic collection, being wary of potential setup fees and manually managing these to prevent extra charges to the customer.

Note: During this phase, disable triggering emails and webhooks for new and paid invoice events, as well as new subscription or subscription changed emails, to avoid sending unnecessary alerts to customers.

Option 2: Free trial method

Prepare by establishing subscription plans and disabling unwanted automated communications in Recurly. Create new subscriptions via the Create Subscriptions API with a specified free trial end date matching each customer's next invoice date, modulating the trial_ends_at parameter.

Note: Manage analytics and subscriber activities diligently during the trial period to maintain accurate reporting and prevent unauthorized upgrades. Additionally be cautious about potential setup fees and manage them manually to avoid unjust charges to the customer.

4. Disable your legacy system

Post-transition, deactivate customer subscriptions in your legacy system at the end of the current billing cycle, assuring a fluid shift to Recurly billing upon renewal. Reactivate Recurly email templates to resume automated alerts for future billing activities.