Credit payments

Dive into the world of credit payments with the Credit Payments Export, tracking every credit payment action and its details.


The Credit Payments Export section provides insights into credit payments, encompassing the use of outstanding credit balances to pay invoices. This export not only covers standard credit payments but also records write-offs, credit balance removals, and credit payments subsequently refunded as cash transactions. It becomes visible and populated if you have enabled the Credit Invoices feature on your Recurly site.


Action Filter

The Credit Payments export can be pre-filtered in the Admin Console based on the Action taken. The available credit payment actions include:

All of the belowAll descriptions below.
Gift CardSimilar to a normal credit payment, but the credit invoice's amount originates from a "gift_card." Useful for tracking invoices paid with gift card credit.
PaymentA normal credit payment that utilizes all or a portion of a credit invoice balance to pay a charge invoice.
ReductionRemoves a credit balance from a credit invoice. Use this action to identify all credits "deleted" from an account and check the corresponding original invoice status to see if it resulted in a voided credit invoice or a closed credit invoice.
RefundApplied when a credit payment is refunded as a refund transaction. This event generates a new credit payment that records the original credit payment's ID and the new refund transaction's ID.
Write-OffUsed to transfer the balance of a write-off invoice to a failed invoice, reducing the latter's balance to zero.

Date Range Filters


Lists all credit payments created within the selected timeframe.


Lists all credit payments modified during the selected timeframe. A credit payment's modified_at value is set upon creation and only updates when the credit payment is voided (voided_at value set) due to the invoice it was applied to being failed.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

Column NameExampleDescriptionData type (size)
id41872c1bf4bcfcd5658d86401194f63bThe unique id of the credit payment.varchar(32)
created_at2017-12-02 17:58:09 UTCThe date and time the credit payment was created.timestamp
modified_at2017-12-02 17:58:09 UTCThe date and time the credit payment was modified, which would be when it was created or voided.timestamp
voided_at2017-12-02 17:58:09 UTCThe date and time the credit payment was voided due to the applied invoice being failed.timestamp
actionpayment, gift_card, write_off, reduction, refundThe action that resulted in the credit payment being created. See action filter table above for details.string
currencyUSDThe currency of the credit payment amount.varchar(3)
amount54.38The amount of the credit payment, which will always be positive.numeric
original_invoice_billed_date2017-12-02 17:58:09 UTCThe date the credit invoice the credit payment came from was issued.timestamp
original_invoice_statusopen, processing, closed, voidedThe current status of the credit invoice the credit payment came from. This is helpful to identify voided vs. closed credit invoices for reduction action credit payments.varchar(20)
<span id="refund_transaction_id=>refund_transaction_id--varchar(32)

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