Overview: App Management

Recurly App Management combines subscription metrics across Apple App Store and Google Play through a simple, automated data sync.

App Management product tour

Discover how Recurly seamlessly integrates subscription metrics from both Apple App Store and Google Play. Experience the power of automation and gain a unified view of your data. Do not miss out on unlocking the full potential of our App Management product.

Required Plan

This feature is only available to customers on the Professional or Elite subscription plan. To request to upgrade to your plan, please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected] for more details.

Additional Cost

This feature requires an additional cost. Please reach out to your Recurly Account Manager or [email protected] for pricing details.


App Management is only available to Recurly customers


  • Recurly currently focuses on auto-renewing subscriptions. For Apple, non-renewing subscriptions, consumable in-app purchases, and non-consumable in-app purchases are not supported. For Google, one-time products (aka: managed products) are not supported.
  • If you want visibility into mobile app subscriptions created prior to connecting Recurly, a migration of the historical events will need to be initiated as described in the Step-by-step process.
  • Recurly offers API endpoints to support several different types of integrations. As of today, there are pre-built integrations for the Apple App Store and Google Play.