Account Acquisition Data

Recurly offers the ability to record marketing data on customer accounts to match this data with revenue and billing data events in Recurly.


Recurly offers the ability to capture key marketing and account acquisition data on the account record. The purpose of this information is to combine data about the business cost to acquire a customer with the revenue information that is stored in Recurly.

The intent of these fields is to capture data from marketing and CRM systems to present a full view (both cost and revenue data) of subscribers within Recurly to empower merchants to make better decisions.

Acquisition Data

You can capture the following information about a customer account in Recurly:

  1. Cost to Acquire a Customer - Total cost of marketing activities to acquire the customer.
  2. CAC Currency - Currency, 3-letter ISO code.
  3. Acquisition Channel - The method by which the customer was acquired.
  4. Acquisition Sub-Channel - A free-form field to provide additional detail on the acquisition channel.
  5. Campaign ID - Identifier for the marketing campaign used to convert this account. This can be sourced from a marketing automation system and used to identify successful or unsuccessful campaigns.

Integrating Data

We recommend that merchants who are interested in using this functionality integrate data from their marketing automation system into these fields.

Account Acquisition data can be sent via the API or input in the UI. We recommend that merchants send this information via the API as data entry through the UI can be error-prone and is time-consuming.

When you edit an account record in the UI, you will be presented with the following fields:

When an account has been saved with account acquisition information, you will be able to see it on the right-hand side of the account screen in Recurly. If there is data present and you mouse over "Acquisition Data" you will see the data that has been input in these fields.

How to Export Data

Account Acquisition Data is available via the accounts export from Recurly.