Coupons redemption

Dive into detailed insights with the Coupon Redemptions export section.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


To access this export feature, ensure that the "Multiple Coupons Per Account" option is activated in your Coupon Settings; otherwise, it won't appear on the Exports page.


The "Coupon Redemptions" export in Recurly provides a comprehensive list of all coupon redemptions that have taken place in your account. This export function is a vital tool for tracking the utilization of coupons on your platform. Understanding when and how coupons were redeemed can offer deep insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of your discount strategies.


As of now, the export does not offer filters to isolate data based on specific coupons before downloading. Users can only filter the data by the time range, focusing on the 'applied_at' column to understand when the redemption occurred.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

IdExampleDescriptionData Type (max size)
coupon_code5offThe code used by the customer to redeem the coupon.String
account_code123456789, [email protected]Identifies the account on which the coupon was redeemed.String
discount5The fixed amount discounted by the coupon, reflected in the corresponding currency column. A value of 0 indicates a percentage discount coupon.Numeric
discount_percent5The percentage amount discounted by the coupon; will be 0 for fixed amount discount coupons.Numeric
total_discount100.50Total amount discounted to date from the coupon redemption.Numeric
applied_at2013-01-02 06:21:14 PSTThe exact date and time the coupon was redeemed; vital for date range filters.Timestamp
expires_at2014-01-02 06:21:14 PSTDate and time the redemption expires post its valid duration.Timestamp
timeframeforeverThe validity duration of the coupon.String
uuid306f7937d86f088f046dd945a1a24df2Unique identifier for each coupon redemption.Varchar (32)
currencyUSDCurrency applicable to the total_discount and discount columns.Varchar (3)
coupon_id1313528357303980000Unique identifier for the coupon, beneficial when correlating data from the Coupons export.String
subscription_id306f7937d86f088f046dd945a1a24df2Unique identifier for the subscription linked to the redemption; only available for subscription-level coupons.Varchar (32)
coupon_typesingle code, bulkDistinguishes between single code coupons and bulk coupons with multiple unique codes.String
discount_typepercent, fixed_amount, free_trialThe coupon's discount nature – percentage, fixed amount, or a custom trial period.String
free_trial_coupon_amount14For free_trial discount types, it represents the number correlated with the trial period unit.Numeric
free_trial_coupon_unitday, week, monthSpecifies the unit period for free_trial type coupons.String

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