Subscriber management analytics

Explore Subscriber Management analytics to optimize engagement, retention, and experiences. Dive into demographics, behavior metrics, and churn analysis for actionable insights.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


Subscriber Management encompasses a range of analytics dashboards focused on understanding and optimizing subscriber interactions across their lifecycle. Through dashboards like Subscribers, Subscriber Metrics (Beta), Subscriber Retention, Hourly Activations & Churn, Trial Performance, and Churn Analysis, you can gain invaluable insights into subscriber demographics, behavior, engagement levels, and churn trends. These analytics enable a data-driven approach to enhance targeting, personalize interactions, evaluate trial offers, and devise effective retention strategies, thereby fostering improved subscriber satisfaction and overall business growth.

Note: It's essential to note the distinction between a subscriber and a subscription. While a single subscriber might hold multiple active subscriptions, this dashboard focuses on counting the individual subscriber, not the number of subscriptions they possess.

Subscriber management


Gain a comprehensive understanding of your subscriber base including their demographic information and subscription status, aiding in effective targeting and personalized interactions.

Subscribers metrics (Beta)

This enhanced dashboard is akin to the standard Subscribers view but incorporates a robust filter. This feature is adept at tracking subscribers who have had subscriptions end and then commence again within a designated period.

Subscriber retention

Dive into retention data to discern trends and gauge the effectiveness of retention strategies. This insight is instrumental in fostering subscriber loyalty and spurring business development.

Hourly activations & churn

Scrutinize activation and churn figures on an hourly basis to inform business strategies. This real-time data can guide engagement tactics and aid in reducing subscriber turnover.

Trial performance

Assess trial initiatives by monitoring conversion rates and subscriber activity during trial phases. Utilize these findings to refine trials for enhanced conversion outcomes.

Each dashboard offers a unique lens into subscriber management, empowering a data-informed methodology to elevate subscriber experiences and business success.