Zapier integration


Zapier provides an integration platform which makes it easy to integrate SaaS applications through the use of simple integrations called "Zaps."

Zaps are commonly used to make business processes more efficient. You can set up a Zap to transfer data without software development skills. You can send customer and transaction information from Recurly to other systems.

Zapier Setup

Setting up a Zapier account

To begin, you'll need to set up an account with Zapier. You can set up an account for free at There are also paid accounts for Zapier, but the Recurly Zap is made available to Recurly merchants for free.

Enabling the Recurly Zap

Before beginning, you'll need to set up an API Key for Zapier, and set up Webhooks to be received by Zapier. Also you will need to select a Region that matches the region of our site.


Step 1: select Recurly Zap in My Apps or through My Zaps


Step 2: follow installation process in adding your API key, Region and webhook details

Setting up Webhooks


Step 3: Zapier will give you a URL which can receive webhook notifications from Recurly

In order to set up webhooks, follow this path in Recurly: Integrations > Webhooks > Add New Endpoint. Add the URL given to you by Zapier as a webhooks endpoint.

Which Recurly Data is available in Zapier

There are two types of Triggers in Zapier: webhooks sent from Recurly and API calls to Recurly.


Webhooks are useful for sending notifications from Recurly to other systems after an a specific event occurs in Recurly (i.e. New Subscription created).

All Recurly webhooks will be sent to Zapier. A complete list of webhook types is available here.

API Calls (Zapier Triggers)

Zapier can call the Recurly API to:

  1. Create customer accounts in Recurly
  2. Update customer account information in Recurly


Billing Information Not Supported

Note that because billing information is protected in PCI compliance, Zapier is not able to create or update customer billing information (including billing address details) within Recurly.

Common Use Cases

  • Connect Recurly with Slack to notify channels whenever you have a new subscriber
  • Connect Recurly with Shipstation to send orders to customers after an invoice has been paid
  • Connect Recurly with Klaviyo to enable powerful email marketing programs
  • Connect Hubspot with Recurly to enrich billing data with customer acquisition data
  • Connect Recurly with Pipedrive to keep customer relationship data in sync
  • Connect Recurly with Twilio to send SMS Dunning messages to customers


Q: If Zapier is not functioning properly, who should I contact?
A: For issues related to Zapier's platform, it's best to directly reach out to Zapier support. They are equipped to handle platform-specific concerns.

Q: I have a question about the data returned in a webhook. Where can I get answers?
A: For queries related to data from webhooks, Recurly support is your go-to resource. They can provide insights into data specifics.

Q: I'm interested in integrating with a system that Zapier doesn't currently support. How can I make a request?
A: Zapier is always keen on expanding its integration capabilities. To request a new system integration, simply submit a feature request to the Zapier team. They'll be happy to consider your suggestion.