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Explore the detailed guide on Billing Info export in Recurly's user guide.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The “Billing Info” export section in Recurly's user guide helps you identify and understand the billing information and payment methods associated with various accounts. It offers data that aids in distinguishing primary from backup payment methods, along with comprehensive billing details to keep track of each account’s status and payment preferences.


Account Status Filter

You can filter the billing information export data based on the account status. Here is how different statuses are defined:

  • Open: Accounts that are currently not closed.
  • Non-subscribers: Open accounts that do not have any active subscriptions.
  • Active Subscribers: Open accounts holding at least one active subscription.- In Trial: Accounts holding one or more subscriptions in the trial phase.
  • Past Due: Accounts having at least one invoice in the past-due state.
  • Non-Renewing: Accounts with subscriptions that will not renew post the current billing cycle; recently canceled.
  • Future: Accounts with a subscription that hasn't yet begun.

Time Range Filter

Utilize the "created_at" field to filter data showcasing the accounts that had billing information added within a selected timeframe.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

Column NameExampleDescriptionData type (max size)
account_code123456789, [email protected]Uniquely identifies your customers in Recurly, mainly using the email address.varchar(50)
billing_first_nameJJThe first name provided in the customer's billing details.varchar(255)
billing_last_nameSmithThe last name provided in the customer's billing details.varhcar(255)
account_company_nameBluth Industries, Inc.Company name as per the billing details.varchar(255)
billing_address1123 Main StreetThe first line of the customer's billing address.varchar(60)
billing_address2Suite 300The second line of the customer's billing address.varchar(60)
billing_citySan FranciscoThe city component of the customer's billing address.varchar(60)
billing_stateCAThe state component of the customer's billing address.varchar(60)
billing_postal_code94107The postal code component of the customer's billing address.varchar(20)
billing_countryUSThe country component of the customer's billing address.varchar(30)
billing_phone555-2368The phone number provided in the customer's billing details.varchar(30)
account_email[email protected]The email address associated with the customer's account.varchar(255)
cc_typevisa/master/discover/jcb/amex/dinersIndicates the type of credit card associated with the customer's account.varchar(20)
cc_last_four1111The last four digits of the customer's credit card number.varchar(4)
expire_month4The month when the customer's credit card expires.numeric
expire_year2014The year when the customer's credit card expires.numeric
billing_vat_numberIE213123123VAT number provided by EU customers.string
created_at2011-08-15The date when the billing information was added to the account.timestamp
updated_at2013-09-12The last date when the billing information was updated on the account.timestamp
Payment_methodCreditCard / PayPal/ Roku/ Amazon / Bank Account / paypal_braintree, jcb, qiwiwallet, etc.The payment method chosen by the customer for transactions.string
maintenance_urlapp.recurly.com/account/sdasdasdThe URL directing to the customer's hosted account maintenance.string
ip_address99.89.1010.0101The IP address noted at the time of entering the billing information.varchar(20)
ip_address_countryUSThe country associated with the IP address noted during billing information entry.Varchar(2)
cc_first_6111111The initial six digits of the credit card used for the transaction.varchar(6)
primary_payment_methodtrue, falseIndicates whether the billing info should be used as a primary payment method.boolean
billing_info_id123456789Unique identifier for billing info.string
backup_payment_methodtrue, falseIndicates whether the billing info should be used as a backup for invoice failures.boolean

Version changelog

Version 6 - 03/29/21

  • Introduction of the backup_payment_method column to highlight if the billing info is the backup payment method (TRUE/FALSE).

Version 5 - 12/3/20

  • Introduction of the “primary_payment_method” column to indicate if the billing info is the main payment method (TRUE/FALSE).
  • Addition of billing_info_id displaying the ID of the billing info.

Version 4 - 5/23/2019

  • 'cc_first_6' column was moved to the end of the export.

Version 3 - 4/25/2019

  • Addition of "cc_first_6" to the export.

Version 2 - 5/24/2018

  • Column names were refined to differentiate clearly between billing and account info.
  • Addition of "ip_address" and "ip_address_country" columns to the export.
  • Addition of “geo_code” column. (Applicable only if Vertex tax integration is enabled)