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Track and manage Subscriptions - External export effortlessly.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The "Subscriptions - External" export function allows you to identify and gather detailed information on external subscriptions stored on third-party platforms like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It aims to provide Recurly users with comprehensive data regarding the statuses and details of external subscriptions tied to different accounts.


To help you focus on the relevant data, several filters are available for use with the "Subscriptions - External" export, which include:

Subscription Status Filter

  • All: Displays all external subscriptions, irrespective of their status or state.

Date Range Filters

  • Activated: Filters external subscriptions activated within a selected time range, using data from the "activated_at" column in the export.
  • Modified: Highlights the subscriptions altered within a chosen timeframe based on the "modified_at" column. Note that only the modified entries will appear, excluding the original data.
  • Created: Shows subscriptions created within a selected period, referencing the "created_at" column, including those with a future activation date.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

account_code123456789, [email protected]Account associated with the External Subscription.
external_product_reference_codestringA code linking the external product to a relevant entity in platforms like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
external_product_reference_sourcestringPlatform where the external product is sourced (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play).
app_identifierstringID of the app responsible for the external subscription.
plan_codebasicThe external subscription’s plan.
stateactive, canceled, expired, or futureCurrent status of the subscription.
auto_renewTRUE, FALSEIndicates if the subscription will auto-renew; defaults to TRUE.
quantity1The quantity of the subscribed items.
activated_at2010-03-24 17:18:46 PDTExternal platform’s activation date and time for the subscription.
modified_at2010-03-24 17:18:44 PDTThe date and time when the subscription was last updated in Recurly.
created_at2010-03-24 17:18:44 PDTRecurly’s creation date and time for the subscription.
expires_at2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTThe expiration date and time for the subscription on the external platform.
last_purchased2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTThe most recent billing event’s date and time on the external subscription, corresponding to a new billing period, reactivation, or upgrade/downgrade.
external_product_reference_deleted_at2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTThe date and time when the external product link was removed from the external subscription.
external_product_namestringName of the external product linked to the external subscription.
external_product_deleted_at2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTWhen the external product association was removed from the external subscription.
app_identifierexternal_appExternal application identifier.
auto_renewfalseAuto renew flag for external subscription.
last_purchased2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTLast purchase timestamp.
external_idmy_id_123456External identifier. For Apple, it is originalTransactionId. For Google, it is purchaseToken.
in_grace_periodfalseFlag to indicate whether subscription is in grace period.
canceled_at2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTWhen the external subscription was canceled.
trial_ends_at2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTWhen the external subscription’s trial ended.
trial_started_at2010-04-23 22:51:53 PDTWhen the external subscription’s trial started.
stateactiveCurrent state of the external subscription.

Version changelog

Version 3 - 7/6/2023

  • Column added for state
  • Column added for trial_started_at
  • Column added for trial_ends_at
  • Column added for canceled_at
  • Column added for in_grace_period

Version 3 - 5/19/2023

  • Column added for quantity
  • Column added for external_id

Version 2 - 9/23/2022

  • Column added for last_purchased
  • Column added for auto_renew
  • Column added for app_identifier