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Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.

Definition is a well-established payment gateway that facilitates the seamless and secure transfer of credit card transactions between a payment portal (such as a website or mobile phone) and the credit card processors. It employs various features and tools to help businesses prevent fraudulent transactions while accepting payments with ease.

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Features & SpecificationsDescription / Availability
Services that work with RecurlyYes
Supported OperationsAnti-Fraud, Authorize and Capture, Purchase, Refund, Verify, Void
Supported Payment TypesCredit Card
Supported Card BrandsVisa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Diners Club
Gateway Specific 3DS2 SupportedYes
Card on File SupportedYes
CurrenciesAUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, PLN, and USD.

Address verification service (AVS)

If your company accepts payments from international customers, it is crucial to be aware of certain limitations associated with the Address Verification Service (AVS). Currently, AVS fails to match zip codes if the zip code contains letters. While US Zip Codes are exclusively numeric, numerous international postal codes contain letters, resulting in failed matches when verifying zip codes. To effectively leverage AVS with international credit cards, Recurly recommends allowing the transaction to proceed if either the street address or zip code aligns accurately.

Card code verification (CVV)

Upon the creation of a new subscription or the update of a credit card number, Recurly submits both the card number and the CVV (Card Code Verification) to In compliance with PCI regulations, storing CVV values is strictly prohibited, regardless of encryption measures. As such, the CVV can only be utilized for the initial request. Submitting the CVV along with the first request enhances the likelihood of transaction approval and serves as a robust deterrent against fraudulent activities. Banks generally permit subsequent transactions to process smoothly if previous transactions by the same merchant have been conducted without issues.

API Login ID and Transaction Key

To enable seamless communication between Recurly and your account, it is essential to configure your API Login ID and Transaction Key within Recurly.

To find these credentials within your account, navigate to:

Account → Settings → API Login ID and Transaction Key.

Once you have obtained your API Login ID and Transaction Key, input these credentials into Recurly’s Payment Gateway configuration settings, thereby establishing a secure link between Recurly and This step is vital for processing transactions and managing subscriptions effectively. Step by step instructions with images are below. integration guide

This step-by-step guide will help you integrate your account with Recurly, enabling you to securely and efficiently process payments.

Step 1: Sign up for an account

  1. Visit the Signup Page
  2. Complete the application form with your business details.
  3. After approval, log in to your account.

Step 2: Obtain your API Login ID and Transaction Key

  1. In your account, navigate to Account → Settings → API Credentials & Keys.
  2. Note down your API Login ID; you will need this to configure Recurly.
  3. If you do not know your Transaction Key or have never created one before, choose ‘New Transaction Key’. You can choose to Disable previously created Transaction Keys Immediately using the checkbox that appears in your dashboard.

Please note, checking the box to “Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately” will instantly break your integrations once you click “Submit”. Only do this if you’ve been instructed to do so for fraud-prevention or security purposes, or if you do not have an active integration that needs previous Transaction Keys to function.

  1. Click ‘Submit’.

In certain cases, you may be asked to provide a PIN to create a Transaction Key. Check your email for a PIN provided by in order to continue with this process.

If you have any issues, call the number at the bottom of the modal to speak to an representative.
The email will contain a PIN, like the example below, which you will need to copy/paste into the field provided on

After you have provided your PIN, you will be given a Transaction Key to use for transactions in Recurly.

Step 3: Configure Your Account in Recurly

  1. Log in to your Recurly account.

  2. Navigate to Configuration → Payment Gateways.

  3. Select Add a Gateway and choose

  4. Enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key from

  1. You can select which Card Types you wish to accept. This will depend on which card types you are approved to accept. Speak to your representative at if you have questions.
  1. You can also change which currencies your gateway can accept. Please choose from available currencies depending on which you are approved to accept.
  1. Lastly, accepts a zero dollar authorization (verification) for card types. Please choose which you would like to accept ZDA-style transactions for. ZDA transactions are good for checking the validity of a card without billing a dollar amount.
  1. Once your configuration is set up the way you would prefer, click ‘Add Payment Gateway’. If you are editing your implementation, the button will state ‘Update Payment Gateway’.

Step 4: Set Up Address Verification Service (AVS)

  1. In your Recurly account, navigate to Configuration → Payment Settings.
  2. Scroll to the Address Verification Check section.
  3. Select your desired AVS rules (e.g., Enabled (default) or Disabled).

If ‘Enabled’, if Recurly receives information in the transaction response that the Address provided does not match what the Issuer has on file, the transaction will be rejected. Please note, these settings apply to all supported gateways and will not be specific.

  1. Click Save Changes.

Step 5: Enable Card Code Verification (CCV)

  1. In your Recurly account, go to Configuration → Payment Settings.
  2. Scroll to the Credit Card Verification Code Check section.
  3. Set the Radio Button option to ‘Enabled’. When Enabled, invalid or mismatched CVV code submissions will be rejected based on feedback from the card Issuer.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Please note, these settings apply to all supported gateways and will not be specific.

Step 6: Test your integration

  1. In your Recurly account, navigate to Configuration → Payment Gateways →

  2. Click on Test Configuration to ensure that Recurly can successfully communicate with your account.

    If you have provided your API Login ID and Transaction Key correctly, you will see this confirmation message.

Step 7: Go Live!

  1. Once you’ve successfully tested the integration, you are ready to accept real transactions.
  2. Monitor your transactions in Recurly and to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Note: Ensure that you comply with PCI regulations when handling sensitive credit card information.

This guide is designed to walk you through the process of integrating with Recurly, configuring key features, and ensuring that everything is set up to start processing payments securely and efficiently. Always consult with your representative or Recurly support for any specific questions or issues related to your integration.