Users Export

What is the Users Export?

The Users export provides Recurly admins the ability to easily download a single report consisting of every site user that currently has access to their RA site, their names, emails, which areas within RA they have read/write access to, and when each user was created.

This export will be available in the Admin section of RA, so only users with admin access will be able to request an export of this data on their site. On the left-side panel of RA under the "Admin" section, select "Admin Exports". From here, select the "Users" option under the Exports list below "Account Activities".

Set the time-range from which you would like to obtain your active site users report within, and press "Request Export". Once the file is done downloading, hover over the ellipses and click Download in the "Export History" table to download the CSV file.

Available Filters

Users Export Filters

Email Address

Email address for each specific user with access to your Recurly site.


First and last name for each specific user with access to your Recurly site.

User Access

List of each permission assigned to each unique Recurly site user.

Date Added

Date user accepted their invitation to this particular Recurly site.

Date Range Filters


Site users that were created during selected time range.