Test gateway

Effortlessly test your transaction configurations with Recurly's Test Gateway, ensuring seamless live operations.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


  • A Recurly account with administrator access.
  • Familiarity with the Recurly dashboard and gateway configurations.


  • Test Gateway transactions are solely for testing and do not represent real monetary transactions.
  • Not all real-world error scenarios can be simulated.
  • Transaction results in the Test Gateway may not always reflect outcomes in a live gateway setting.


The Test Gateway in Recurly offers a simulated environment, letting you test transactions using predefined credit card and bank account numbers. This functionality aids in anticipating and addressing potential issues without affecting real-world operations.

Key benefits

  • Risk-free testing: Trial run configurations without the concern of real-world consequences.
  • Diverse scenarios: Simulate various transaction outcomes, from success to multiple decline reasons.
  • 3DS2 ready: Test the 3DS2 challenge flows without actual cardholder authentication.
  • Comprehensive feedback: Understand potential issues and troubleshoot with immediate feedback.

Test credit card numbers

With the Test Gateway activated, various credit card numbers are at your disposal for transaction simulations. Depending on the card number provided, the system will return predefined results.

Successful transactions

Card NumberOutcome
4222-2222-2222-2220Success, but flagged for Fraud Review by the gateway (Note: Relevant only to PayPal gateways when in production mode.)
4000000000002024Successful purchase with a declined refund.

Other successful numbers

For further testing, a range of other successful card numbers are available. These span various card types, including American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa. Note that all these numbers, except the one marked "Invalid credit card number," adhere to the Luhn validation algorithm.

Card NumberCard Type
378282246310005American Express
371449635398431American Express
378734493671000American Express Corporate
30569309025904Diners Club
38520000023237Diners Club
22230000484000112 Series MasterCard

Declined transactions

A series of credit card numbers result in declined transactions. Reasons for decline can vary, and the following are predefined outcomes for specific card numbers:

Card NumberDecline Reason
4000-0000-0000-0002Declined by the gateway.
4000-0000-0000-0010AVS failed on street address and postal code.
4000-0000-0000-0028AVS failed on street address.
4000-0000-0000-0036AVS failed on postal code.
4000-0000-0000-0044Advanced Verification failed (Secure 3D, etc).
4000-0000-0000-0051Card number declined.
4000-0000-0000-0069Expired card or expiration date does not match.
4000-0000-0000-0077Insufficient funds.
4000-0000-0000-0085Did not pass your fraud filters.
4000-0000-0000-0093Originating from fraudulent IP address.
4000-0000-0000-1190Declined due to a fraud risk score.
4000-0000-0000-0101CVV / Security code did not match.
4000-0000-0000-0119Declined by issuing bank, customer needs to contact their bank.
4000-0000-0000-0200Invalid data or parameter.
4222-2222-2222-2222Invalid card number (Fails the Luhn algorithm check).
4000-0000-0000-0226Invalid expiration date.
4000-0000-0000-0309Gateway Timeout.
4000-0000-0000-0317Duplicate transaction.
4000-0000-0000-0325Card type not accepted.
4000-0000-0000-0341'Declined by Gateway' error will be thrown, but Recurly will allow you to store card regardless.

3DS2 Test cards

The test cards listed below should only be used to test the 3DS2 challenge flows. 3DS2 integration steps, and more information on how to use these cards, can be found in our guide here.

Card NumberDescription
4000000000003220This card will trigger the 3DS2 challenge flow.
4000000000003063This card will trigger the device fingerprint flow.
4222222222222220This card will trigger an approved transaction requiring fraud review (frictionless flow).
4000008400001629This card can be used to test the 3DS2 dunning flow.

Test bank account numbers (ACH)

To test ACH, you can add bank account details through the API, the Hosted Account Management pages or using the "Make a Payment" button on the hosted invoice page. You will not be able to add bank account details through the Admin due to NACHA regulations on merchant access to customer account information.

Testing ACH does not test your gateway connection, but uses an internal Recurly test gateway to simulate the transaction responses and invoice states you will get with ACH payments and refunds.

Routing number

Routing NumberDescription
123456780This is the only routing number that will work in sandbox mode. This routing number will return the "BANK OF RECURLY".

Success Bank Account Number

Account NumberDescription

Declined bank account number

Account NumberDescription
111111112Transaction was canceled by the bank.
111111113Transaction was canceled by the bank.
111111114Will first be successful and then will issue a chargeback.
111111115If refunded, will be a successful refund.
111111116If refunded, will be a declined refund.


Accessing the Test Gateway

  • Navigate to the "Payment Gateways" section after logging into your Recurly account.
  • The Test Gateway is active by default on your Recurly Sandbox.

Testing with Credit Card Numbers

  • Start a transaction using one of the provided test credit card numbers.
  • Observe the system's response and act accordingly.

Testing with Bank Account Numbers (ACH)

  • Through the API, Hosted Account Management pages, or the "Make a Payment" option on the hosted invoice page, input a bank account detail.

    Note: Direct input through Admin is restricted due to NACHA regulations.

  • Initiate a transaction using one of the provided test bank account numbers.
  • Monitor the simulated response.

In conclusion, Recurly’s Test Gateway provides a simulated and safe environment for businesses to ensure their configurations are correctly set up, reducing the likelihood of issues when running live transactions.