Recurly's robust and detailed adherence to CCPA (California’s Consumer Privacy Act) standards enhances user trust by ensuring comprehensive protection of personal information and upholding user rights to data privacy.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


CCPA, the California’s Consumer Privacy Act, is a legislation aimed at improving personal data protection rights for California residents. This law imposes obligations on how businesses, including Recurly, handle the personal information of California residents.

Key benefits

  • Robust data security: Recurly's commitment to the CCPA ensures the highest standards of data security.
  • Transparency and control: Recurly provides clear and accessible mechanisms for users to exercise their rights under the CCPA, including the right to access their personal information and request its deletion.
  • Comprehensive compliance: Recurly's alignment with CCPA regulations offers peace of mind to users, demonstrating the company's commitment to upholding stringent data privacy standards and legal obligations.

Recurly's commitment to CCPA

As a thriving entity within the dynamic business landscape of California, Recurly wholeheartedly embraces the stringent provisions of the California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This law, designed to safeguard the privacy and personal data of California residents, is in a state of constant evolution. As changes are made, Recurly stands committed to updating our compliance status accordingly.

Upholding the spirit of CCPA

Recurly's commitment to CCPA can be demonstrated through its alignment with key elements of the Act:

  • Section 1798.135 - Opt-Out Right for Sales: This provision does not apply as Recurly ensures the personal information of its users is never sold.
  • Section 1798.150 - Right of Action: Recurly, upholding the highest standard of data security, encrypts all personal information at rest, making this section irrelevant.
  • Section 1798.130(b) - CCPA-Compliant Privacy Notice: Recurly's Privacy Policy articulates our commitment to data privacy clearly and thoroughly.
  • Section 1798.100(d) & 1798.105(c) - Right to Access and Deletion: Recurly honors these rights by enabling users to request access to, or deletion of, their personal information via [email protected]. Upon request, Recurly delivers the requested information, free of charge, in an electronic format within 45 days.

However, please note that there might be instances where Recurly reserves the right to decline deletion requests. These may include, but are not limited to, situations involving transaction completion, detection of security incidents, debugging, legal obligations, or conducting research in the public interest.

Recurly responsibly manages data categories defined by CCPA as Personal Information, which includes identifiers like real name, Recurly username, address, Recurly account code, tax identification number, IP address, and email address.

CCPA enquiries and requests

End-users' deletion requests are relayed to the merchant for their direct action. For any queries or additional information pertaining to Recurly's alignment with the California’s Consumer Privacy Act, please reach out to [email protected]. Our team stands ready to address your concerns and ensure that your data privacy rights are respected and protected.