Hosted pages

Recurly offers a suite of hosted page features that allow you to get up and running quickly with little to no development work. Hosted Payment Pages are signup pages for your subscriptions and Hosted Account Management is a subscription management portal for your customers.




Recurly's Hosted Pages offer a set of out-of-the-box solutions, designed for quick deployment with minimal development intervention. With tools like the Hosted Payment Pages and Hosted Account Management, businesses can provide their customers with seamless subscription sign-up experiences, purchase capabilities, and account management portals.

Key benefits

  • Rapid deployment: Kickstart subscription processes without waiting for development resources.
  • Diverse payment options: Support for 3D Secure, credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal, and Amazon.
  • Efficient management: Offer subscribers a comprehensive portal to view invoices, credits, manage billing details, and more.
  • Heightened security: Abide by high PCI compliance standards, ensuring the utmost security for payment processes.
  • Localization: Multi-lingual support catering to a global customer base.

Key details

Recurly simplifies the subscription sign-up process through its Hosted Payment Pages. Every plan within Recurly is equipped with a dedicated payment page, guiding customers through the subscription journey. Businesses can either leverage Recurly's confirmation page or lead subscribers to their personalized success page post-confirmation. Additionally, the Hosted Payment Pages bolster payment adaptability, supporting a broad spectrum of payment methods. Discover More about Hosted Payment Pages

Hosted Account Management:
Recurly's Hosted Account Management portal stands as an epitome of efficient subscription management. Existing subscribers can delve into their subscription specifics, ranging from active subscriptions, historical invoices, account credits, and more. Businesses can also curate the portal experience by toggling between the "Guest View" and providing a full-fledged login system. Delve Deeper into Hosted Account Management


Hosted Pages Settings:

Both the Hosted Payment Pages and Hosted Account Management portals can be tailor-made from the Hosted Pages Settings, accessible via Configuration in the Admin Console. Here, businesses can define their aesthetics with logo uploads, color selections, and even Google Analytics integration.

  1. Payment Page Customization:
    • Define payment fields
    • Company branding
    • Email preferences, phone input, VAT information
    • Subscriber flexibility with quantities, coupon codes, and gift redemption.
    • Modern look and feel with responsive layout.
  2. Account Management Portal Personalization:
    • Payment options, billing detail updates, account details, subscription management.


With Recurly's Hosted Pages, businesses can cater to a diverse global audience. The pages support a plethora of languages, ensuring that subscribers have a native and intuitive experience. The languages offered are:

  1. English - Catering to a broad audience worldwide.
  2. Danish - For the businesses operating in Denmark.
  3. German - Making inroads into the German-speaking markets.
  4. Spanish - Reaching out to Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking regions.
  5. French - For France, Canada, and other French-speaking territories.
  6. Hindi - Connecting with the vast audience in India.
  7. Japanese - Addressing the tech-savvy Japanese market.
  8. Dutch - For businesses in the Netherlands and Flemish-speaking Belgians.
  9. Portuguese - Targeting both Portugal and Brazil.
  10. Russian - For companies expanding into the Russian Federation.
  11. Turkish - Reaching out to the dynamic market in Turkey.
  12. Chinese - Simplified Chinese for the vast Chinese market.
  13. Swedish - For the businesses in Sweden.
  14. Polish - Engaging with the Polish-speaking audience.

Each language rendition is meticulously crafted, ensuring that nuances and specific regional dialects are considered, providing subscribers with a seamless and localized experience based on their browser's language preferences.


Utilizing Hosted Pages:

Implementing Recurly's Hosted Pages is straightforward. For new sign-ups, businesses can define a Plan's return URL, ensuring customers are redirected back post sign-up. However, for security reasons, it's paramount to understand that Hosted Pages do not support iframes. This ensures Recurly maintains its commitment to the highest security standards and PCI compliance. As a result, iframes, though convenient, aren't permissible due to their potential security vulnerabilities when integrating Recurly's secure pages.

With Recurly's Hosted Pages, businesses can ensure a smooth, secure, and localized experience for their subscribers, leading to heightened satisfaction and retention.