Master your promotions with the detailed Coupons export section.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The "Coupons" export section is designed to offer comprehensive details on all the coupons created on your site, facilitating a streamlined analysis and management of your promotional strategies. Coupons with a fixed amount discount that support multiple currencies will be displayed in separate rows for each currency.


Date Range Filters


Filter the data to only include the coupons that were created within a selected time frame.


This filter allows you to zero in on the coupons modified within a chosen time range. A modification occurs due to an increment in redemption_count, when a coupon hits its max_redemptions limit, or is deactivated prematurely, which is reflected in the "deactivated_at" column.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

IdExampleDescriptionData type (max size)
coupon_code5offThe code to be inputted by customers to avail the discount.varchar(50)
name5% OffInternal nomenclature for the coupon.varchar(255)
discount5Value of the fixed amount discount, depicted in the currency column; 0 for percentage discounts.numeric
currencyUSDDenotes the currency for the fixed discount amount; blank for percentage discounts.varchar(3)
discount_percent5Indicates the percentage discount; blank for fixed amount discounts.numeric
redeem_by_date2015-10-10 11:59:59 PSTThe expiration date and time post which the coupon cannot be redeemed.timestamp
redemptions_count7The total number of redemptions to date.numeric
max_redemptions100The upper limit on the allowable number of redemptions.numeric
applies_to_plansall plansSpecifies the plans that can be discounted through the coupon redemptions.string
timeframeforeverThe lifespan of the coupon.string
created_at2012-01-02 06:20:41 PSTDate and time of coupon creation; employed in created date range filter.timestamp
deactivated_at2013-02-02 06:20:41 PSTMarks the date and time when the coupon was either expired early or when the max_redemptions were achieved.timestamp
modified2012-01-02 06:20:41 PSTRecords the most recent modification time, relevant for the modified date range filter.timestamp
applies_to_non_plan_chargesTRUEDictates whether the coupon redemptions can offer discounts on one-time charges on customer invoices.boolean
redemptions_per_account1The maximum redemption limit per account; "unlimited" if left blank.numeric
redemption_resourceaccount, subscriptionThe scope of the discount, whether at the account or subscription level.string
coupon_typesingle code, bulkCategorizes the coupon as a single code or a bulk code with several unique codes.string
discount_typepercent, fixed_amount, free_trialSpecifies the nature of the discount — percentage, fixed amount, or free trial.string
free_trial_coupon_amount14For "free_trial" discount types, it signifies the number associated with the trial period unit.numeric
free_trial_coupon_unitday, week, monthRelates to the "free_trial" discount type, indicating the period of the trial.string
applies_to_itemsitem1, item2Identifies whether a coupon is applicable to all items or specific items.string

Version Changelog

Version 2 - 10/15/20

  • Introduction of the applies_to_items column to highlight if a coupon is applicable to all items or select items. In case a given coupon is only applicable to select items, the item code will be aggregated with a comma as delimiter.

Recurly offers 3 exports relevant to coupons: Coupons, Coupon Redemptions, and Coupons- Bulk Unique Coupons