Recurly account

Dive into the central hub of your Recurly experience, where you can manage your subscription, view invoices, update details, and more.


Required plan

This page is available to all customers after moving their site from sandbox mode to development/production.


Your Recurly Account is the primary interface for managing your engagement with the Recurly service. It's the space where you can oversee your subscription details, make necessary updates, and interact with various features tailored to enhance your experience.

Key benefits

  • Centralized management: Access all essential account details and functionalities in one place.
  • Flexibility: Update your billing information, company address, or even change your plan as your needs evolve.
  • Support access: Directly reach out to Recurly support for any queries or assistance.
  • Control: Decide when to terminate your account with a straightforward process.

Subscription management

Recurly subscription

In this section, a comprehensive description of your plan is provided. This includes your plan name (Starter, Pro, or Elite), any add-ons appended to your account along with their respective costs, the date for your next invoice, and your billing contact.

Billing information

This section portrays your primary billing details such as name, the credit/debit card utilized for paying your plan, its expiration date, as well as the address associated with these billing details.

You may edit this information anytime by clicking on the “Edit” button, filling in all the necessary data, and then pressing the “Updated Billing Info” button.

Company address

Herein, the address associated with your company is displayed. It can be edited by clicking the edit button and providing all the necessary information.

Current plan & transitioning between plans

Switching between different Recurly plans to better suit your business needs is straightforward.
Within the Current Plan section, your active plan is displayed. Below the cost of the plan, a green button labeled “Upgrade Available” is provided, indicating an opportunity to access additional Recurly features. If no button is displayed, it likely signifies your status as one of our Elite merchants. If you suspect an error regarding the absence of this button, please contact us.


For upgrading requests, please reach out to your Recurly account manager or email [email protected] for further details.


Manage your invoices

Efficiently manage your billing information and review your past and upcoming invoices.

Close your Recurly site

In this section, the option to close your site is provided by clicking the designated button and following the associated steps. Please ensure to proceed with site closure only if you have decided to discontinue using Recurly.