Churn management analytics

Harness the power of churn management analytics.


Churn management analytics simplify how organizations understand and mitigate customer turnover. By delving into renewal rates, payment declines, and recovered revenue, these analytics offer a comprehensive view of churn. This insight is crucial in developing effective strategies to preempt and rectify failed payments. By focusing specifically on churn analysis, businesses can more accurately pinpoint areas for improvement in processes, leading to enhanced customer retention and revenue recovery.

Key details

Renewal invoices

Gain insights into your renewal process with the Renewal Paid Rate dashboard. This tool provides a clear overview of the proportion of renewal invoices that are successfully paid, offering valuable data to enhance and streamline your renewal strategies.

Recovered revenue dashboard

Examine the effectiveness of your revenue recovery tactics with a dashboard that showcases the revenue reclaimed from transactions that initially failed. This valuable insight can guide your strategies to reduce revenue loss.

Renewal declines

Utilize the new Renewal Decline Rate dashboard to delve into the specifics of renewal failures. This dashboard focuses on renewals that falter at the initial transaction attempt, providing a comprehensive analysis of your payment methods and gateway strategy effectiveness. Compare your performance with industry benchmarks available through Recurly, enabling informed decisions to minimize your decline rate.

Churn analysis

Explore the nuances of subscriber attrition to pinpoint prevalent reasons behind subscription terminations. This knowledge is crucial for crafting measures aimed at reducing churn and amplifying subscriber contentment.