Invoices — accounts receivable

Unlock insights into outstanding receivables and unpaid invoices with the Account Receivable export section.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


The Invoices - Accounts Receivable export helps you to pinpoint customers who have yet to settle their invoices and gives a detailed report on the aging of all unsettled receivables.


Invoice Status Filter

  • All: Includes all invoices that remain unpaid.
  • Pending: Consists of invoices not yet due and only encompasses manual invoices.
  • Past Due: Involves all invoices that have surpassed their due date without being settled.
  • Failed: Pertains to invoices labeled as failed or not collected within the Dunning period.
  • Processing: Concerns ACH transactions presently undergoing processing.

Date Range Filters

  • Created: Invoices formulated within the chosen timeframe.
  • Modified: Invoices altered in the specified period.
  • Due: Invoices due in the specified period.

Exports table

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To help you identify and organize information effectively, the export provides a structured table that contains the following columns:

Column NameExampleDescriptionData type
invoice_id336e028b12345b00b60b7845438d18b1Unique identifier for invoices within Recurly. This ID is also used in Invoices - Summary and Adjustments exports.varchar(32)
invoice_number1001Number used on the invoice through the admin console.string
account_codesmithUniquely identifies your customers in Recurly. Defaults to the email address if no specific value is provided and cannot be modified. It is the main Recurly identifier for joining multiple exports.varchar(50)
account_first_nameEricFirst name of the customer from the associated account.varchar(255)
account_last_nameSchmidtLast name of the customer from the associated account.varchar(255)
account_companyBluth Industries, Inc.Optionally identifies the company name provided.varchar(255)
account_email[email protected]Optional. Email address provided by the customer during signup, used for all customer communications. If absent, the site's billing contact will receive emails.varchar(255)
account_phone123-456-7890Optional. The phone number of the customer.string
billed_date2016-01-01 10:17:02 UTCDate of invoice creation.timestamp
net_termson-receiptSpecifies the terms of the invoice.string
due_on2016-01-01 10:17:02 UTCDue date of the invoice.timestamp
statusfailedCurrent status of the invoice, equivalent to "invoice_state" in the Adjustments export.varchar(20)
collection_methodautomaticIndicates the collection method for the invoice - either "automatic" or "manual".string
days_overdue12The number of days the invoice is overdue; will be zero if not overdue.numeric
currencyUSDThe 3-character ISO code representing the invoice's currency.varchar(3)
po_number1234The Purchase Order (PO) number associated with the invoice.varchar(50)
closed_date2016-05-18 11:17:07 UTCThe date when the invoice was closed, applicable if failed or paid.timestamp
modified_at2016-05-18 11:17:07 UTCThe date the invoice last underwent modification, including payment status updates.timestamp
invoice_subtotal136.78Subtotal amount of the invoice, prior to the addition of tax, discounts, and credits to compute the total amount.numeric
invoice_total345.67The total invoice amount.numeric
invoice_tax_amount123.45The total tax amount levied on the invoice.numeric
invoice_discount_amount144.58The total discount amount applied to the invoice.numeric
category31-60 days overdueBucketed system for aging receivables and past-due invoices. "Current" for non-due invoices, with past-due invoices grouped based on overdue duration.string
invoice_credits144.58The amount of credits applied to the invoice.numeric
invoice_balance50.25The invoice's outstanding balance. This column will be null until the Recurly's Credit Invoices feature is enabled on your site.numeric
invoice_balance_modified_at2016-05-18 11:17:07 UTCThe last change date of the invoice balance due to a transaction or credit payment. This column will be null until the Recurly's Credit Invoices feature is enabled on your site.timestamp
business_entity_code123456789Identifier for business entity code.string

Version Changelog

Version 2 - 3/15/2023

Addition of business_entity_code column.

The Accounts Receivable export identifies customers who have not paid their invoices, as well as the aging of all outstanding receivables.