IP allowlist

Boost your online business's security with Recurly's IP Allowlisting feature. Gain enhanced control, trust, and compliance by facilitating secure communication between Recurly and external systems. Check out our complete list of IP addresses for seamless integration.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


This feature allows Recurly to communicate securely with external systems using a predefined set of IP addresses.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced security: Recurly's IP Allowlist ensures that only trusted IP addresses have access, minimizing the risk of unauthorized intrusion.
  • Controlled access: With IP Allowlisting, your payment gateway, tax provider, email service, and other systems can restrict access to only Recurly's IP addresses, enhancing your control over your data.
  • Compliance and trust: By using the IP Allowlist, Recurly fortifies trust and compliance between your business and your service providers.

Key details

Recurly's IP addresses are categorized into two regions - the US and the EU. Use the list below to add Recurly's IP addresses to your services' allow lists.

Please provide these IP addresses to your external systems that require IP allowlisting for improved security and seamless integration.

US Region IP AddressesEU Region IP Addresses