Prerequisites & supported gateways

Recurly currently supports BECS transactions through Adyen and GoCardless gateways.


Integrating Recurly with GoCardless and Adyen paves the way for merchants to embrace direct debit payment systems, including BECS, an Australian scheme, through a potent combination of these gateways platforms and Recurly’s subscription strength.

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Through the effective integration of GoCardless or Adyen and Recurly, enhance your business capabilities to handle direct debit transactions globally, including BECS, thereby offering a seamless payment experience for your customers.

Use cases

  • Global transactions: Facilitate cross-border transactions effortlessly through the diverse range of global direct debit schemes supported by GoCardless and Adyen.
  • Recurly Subscription Plans: Simplify BECS transactions by using the Recurly subscription platform with GoCardless or Adyen.

Checkout flow

During the checkout, ensure the capture of requisite customer information including a comprehensive address for certain payment options like ACH. Consult GoCardless and Adyen websites for address specifications pertaining to other payment methods.